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The Battle For Earth – Ninja Girl

Cocky heroine Ninja Girl follows a tip to a location to retrieve a special stone. Upon arriving, she realizes she’s not the first. Already annoyed that she had to take her Sat and work, she makes quick work of the thief and goes one step further, forcing him to strip and wait for the cops. She retrieves the stone and thinks nothing of the humiliating predicament she left the thief in. Weeks later, she finds herself face to face with Rashi, a villain whom she put away years ago. Her past is about ready to bite her in the ass the first time as Rashi has “leveled up” in skill and fighting. She realizes soon enough she’s in way over her head, but it’s too late. Rashi is just a more skilled and stronger fighter. She holds for a while, but he ends up annihilating her, leaving her broken for someone else to find. Her past catches up with her a second time as Rashi contacts the thief who’s recently gotten out of jail. With a score to settle, the thief finds Ninja Girl exactly where Rashi told him. Broken and laying on the floor with her power suit almost ripped off, the thief does what any self-respecting lowlife would do. everything.

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The Battle For Earth – Solaria Overcum

Solaria responds to an anonymous tip to find a helpless girl tied up and gagged. She immediately begins untying the bonds when in the background she hears what sounds like a squawk. The victim urges her to continue loosening the bonds with fear in her eyes. Unsuspecting of foul play, the untied “victim” produces a rag and chloros poor Solaria. She wakes to find herself in a locked room with a creature. The “victim’s” name is Stella and is now watching Solaria from a control room. Stella has prepared well for Solaria’s capture and defeat, and the creature is more powerful than anything Solaria has come across. With an implant it’s neck, Stella has full control of the creature should it choose not to follow her voice commands. Solaria tries to escape but the room really is locked down. Her only choice is to battle the creature. Find out if she survives…

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The Battle For Earth – Fight Girl

Fight Girl has already handled Fear Tyrant once before, humiliating him on live TV by pulling his pants down. Naturally, he’s hell bent on repaying the favor. After studying Fight Girl’s tactics, he realizes her fear of exposure is far greater than her fear of violence. Exposing not only her body, but also her identity on a live feed to the world is just the beginning of his master plan. Fight Girl has clearly underestimated her foe this time. He plans to take over the entire population of the planet while humiliating all who stood against him. Fight Girl is the only person qualified to deal with him, but she may be in way over her head this time.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Sparrow Captured and Used

Sparrow is searching an abandoned home for a dangerous thief. Starting to get frustrated, the superheroine lets her guard down for just a moment. That’s all it takes for the serial criminal to get the upper hand. He knows how to take her out, and he knows how to keep her weak. As long as he can keep her powers subdued, the fiend can do whatever he likes with his new toy. He leaves her costume and nylon stockings on throughout her torment, a vivid reminder to Sparrow that she’s not being defeated as a layperson. She’s being defeated, humiliated even, as a completely helpless superheroine.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Little Wonder Broken to Utter Submission

Little Wonder is the youngest member of the Wonder League and is out to prove herself. Unfortunately although she easily takes out the vicious henchman his supervillain boss is more than prepared for her.

With her magic power items rendered useless the henchman gets brutal payback and then her torment really begins.

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Primal’s Savage Tales – Ultra Girl Sexual Destruction By The Contractor

Utlra Girl is out for vengeance against the Contractor for the coldblooded humilation he subjected her too. She tracks down Dr Apocalypse and forces him to help set a trap for the merciless mercenary, and to rid her of her Solindrium weakness

After being crushed by Ultra Girl, The Contractor is being held in hospital deep underground the below a secret prison. He may never recover from the injuries inflicted by Utlra Girl, and neither will his shattered reputation. So when he is offered a contract by the evil Sorceress Hellrazer he doesn’t hesitate

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Truth Falls To The Power Of Sinn

Starring Ariana Marie and Nathan Bronson

Truth has come looking for her for her teammates Liberty and Justice. The last she had heard they had an appointment with the teams doctor for a regular physical. She is startled by Special Agent Bronson whom she has has a secret crush on since she was too young to don a uniform. Truth is taken aback by the sudden blackness in the agents eyes, and the foul things he is saying!? The confused heroine tries to put up a fight, but is outmatched and unprepared.

Truth is filled with horrible, lustful, sinful thoughts and her body betrays her. By the time Sinn has had his way she is no longer fighting her desires but offering complete surrender, and even begging for, total enslavement

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Dixie Comet – Struggle Snuggle

Dixie comes home to her cozy apartment after a long days work. She is mentally drained and her feet ache from a long day of wearing heels. She walks in and pops off her heels and retires to her couch. She sits down and lets out a tiresome sigh as she grabs a magazine and lays back to relax before she has to cook herself dinner. While she’s relaxing in the comfort of her apartment enjoying her favorite magazine she is unaware that she is not alone! Suddenly, a chemically soaked rag is placed forcefully over Dixie’s mouth until she is unwillingly put to sleep.

When Dixie awakens she finds herself bound to her kitchen table with her clothing removed and her panties shoved firmly into her mouth. She tries to scream but with her mouth full of panties she is only able mumble a series of vowels. She struggles to get free but fails in her attempts. Suddenly her assailant reveals himself, his face is cover with a mask and he is half naked with a rock hard cock. He walks over to Dixie and begins to masturbate in front of the completely helpless girl. Dixie frantically tries to escape but is unable. The masked intruder maneuvers behind Dixie and crams his dick right into her tight little pussy. He begins to thrust back and forth as Dixie continues to resist. He fucks her as he pleases and verbally berates the innocent victim. He then walks towards Dixie’s face and removes her panties from her mouth and immediately shoves his cock in their place. He fucks her face as if it was still her little cunt. When he is finally ready to blow his wad he takes steady aim and drenches her face with his hot sticky jizz. Her face and her dining table are absolutely covered with his hot spunk. He instructs Dixie not to ever speak of this before he quietly makes his exit. Dixie remains bound to her table, her face covered in a strange mans cum, how will she get free? Will someone finder her in this embarrassing position?

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Psycho Thrillers – Mistress Distress


A young women is a mistress for a wealthy underground mob figure but when she sleeps around while he is on business and he finds out, he directs 2 of his goons to treat her like the slut she is. What results is a savage assault that makes her regret the day she was born.

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Psycho Thrillers – Uber Driver Killer 3

Starring: India Summer, Tommy Pistol

A guy picks up a girl and can’t stop looking at her in the mirror. She looks familiar to him. He asks her if she is a star or model. She just smiles and ignores him. She gets a call from her boyfriend and talks to him about a photoshoot she is going to do in Germany. When she hangs up the driver is excited because she is someone famous. When he drops her off he asks for her autograph, but she just pays for the ride and goes into her house.

The driver calls his buddy and brags about it, but his buddy is not impressed that he failed to get an autograph or picture with her. The driver gets angry. He goes to the door and when she answers it he knocks her out.
She wakes up tied to the corners of her bed. She struggles, then tries to act nice, but it is too late for that. He pulls out a knife and cuts her clothes off, then starts raping her.

Finally he puts a garotte around her neck and strangles her. When she is dead he takes a necro BJ from her and snaps her neck over the edge of the bed. He takes a few selfies with her corpse. Now he has some pictures with the famous model.

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