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Brittanys Bombshell Bondage – Spending quality time against her will

Brittany has alot of admirers, people who buy her stuff and leave nice comments on her site but she has always noticed a creepy van hanging out in her neighborhood, she has noticed things coming up missing in her home but usually little stuff nothing of value. One day she was leaving for work and she was surprised by a guy wearing a mask, he overpowered her ziptied her wrists, stuff mouth and covered it with clear tape, and then placed dark sunglasses on her. As they arrived to what she assumed was his home he led down to a cellar converted living space, she was shocked to see a tribute of pictures and various missing items.

He fondled his new toy and told her how long he had watched her and that they will be married as soon as she excepts him, he removes the gag and forces her to suck his dick ( full bondage blowjob scene), he restuffs her mouth and wraps tape around her head, he watches as she squirms and then plows her ass hard ( bondage sex scene), he took more zipties and balltied her tightly to keep her tightly and painfully in place, he placed tape over her eyes as he headed out to let her get use to her new room

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