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Cruel World – Jogging

Every morning she jogged on the outskirts
of the old city Park.

Former marine.
He was a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
But the money for medicine
in the state budget is always not enough.
Therefore, his treatment was purely formal.
He was able to get a job only as a watchman at the warehouse of a local photo Studio….

One day their destinies crossed…
He kidnapped her, raped her, tortured her with a rope,
then hung her and then raped her corpse.

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COH X – Dont Answer The Door

An attractive woman is relaxing after a long day at the office. Two men posing as telephone repairmen have been watching her and decide to pay her a visit. Using an elaborate plan to “fix” her phone, they enter the premises. While one of them conducts a fake survey, the other heads upstairs to setup the restraints, and to wait for her and his partner. She grows impatient after 10 minutes have gone by, and decides to check on the guy’s partner. Plus the man conducting the survey is just downright creepy. As soon as she enters the bedroom, she immediately regrets even letting these two guys into her home.

Before she can even scream, she finds herself handcuffed and tossed on the bed. The men get to work, fondling, tearing her clothes off, and fucking her with a bottle of alcohol. Tired of this, they use the restraints (handcuffs secured to the bottom of the end tables, and spread her legs wide. The first guy fucks her pussy while the other watches. Once the first is finished, the second fucks her face down and cuffed, while the first guy spreads her legs to allow easy access for his partner. While the men fuck her wheel barrow style, both of them throw insults and berate the fuck out of her. After depositing their loads, the first guy takes the same bottle of alcohol and beats her skull brutally until her kicking legs lye completely still. 

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Erotic Nightmares – Serial Killer 2

Lori just left the club and is walking home, she decides to take a short cut thru a dark alley.  She had a little to much to drink at the club so she staggers down the alley not really paying much attention to anything. A masked man grabs her from behind and chloros her then carries her off.

 He finds a secluded spot in a shipping yard,  with her hands bound to one of the large metal shipping containers and duct tape over her mouth he begins to fondle her. She wakes up and tries to scream and get away  but there is no escape. He cuts her dress off and fondles her breasts, then he starts to cut off her pantyhose and she starts to cry. Once they are off he fingers her then rapes her. While he is raping her he cuts her throat, her blood begins to squirt out and he continues to rape her while running his hand over the blood and his fingers in the wound as blood is still pouring out. She begins to shiver from all the blood loss and dies. 
NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!! this clip is very graphic and bloody, blood pours from her neck wound for over a minute. 

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Sexy Carmen Valentina is resting in her bed.  She gets up and puts on her panties and bra then she poses in front of her mirror checking herself out.  She  is totally unaware that someone else is checking her out too.  King Noire a contractor who’s working outside the house is peeping in her window and getting super excited knowing that soon she will be his. He rubs his cock through his jeans in anticipation.  When Carmen goes to the bathroom to put on lipstick the man jimmies the window open and creeps inside her house. He hides around the corner of the room waiting for the perfect time to grab her by suprise. Carmen finishes up her lipstick and walks down the hall.  Suddenly the black man grabs her from behind and clamps his hand over her mouth. Carmen’s eyes go wild as she tries to scream for help, but her pitiful screams are muffled as he clamps his hand tightly over her mouth.

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Sedena – Abuse Of Power

A cop investigating a drug trafic finds Mya masturbating after her lesbian friends left… He is very violent guy and wants to find what he is looking for. He ties Mya up and gags her…as she tries to escape, he even hogties her.

Once the drug is found, he wants to taste it…the effects turn him into a beast that is going to rape the young bound and gagged girl….

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This hooker has been hired to satisfy a weird fantasy for a client, dancing for the devil! She first finds it funny as she is slowly moving her ass for this guy dressed in red and wearing a devil mask…but as he shows up a strange red necklace, things turn different. She suddenly can not take her eyes from the jewelery anymore and soon looses consciousness, hyptnotized…

She wakes up later tied up on a chair. She feels something big in her mouth, and realized she has been gagged as well with a harness ball-gag tightly fixed around her head…she vainly starts to moan and wigglesaround, and eventually falls from the chair while the maniac watches her strugglings…

He carries her on a couch, pull down her short and shirt, and rapes her…

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Sedena – Resistance

In a country devastated by war, the different factions don’t have mercy for each other. After an assault on a city held by the enemy, a militia is sent to clean up the buildings one after the other. A member of the militia, a girl, breaks into a supposed empty house. But actually falls into a trap. She is forced on her knees at gunpoint and knocked out. She wakes up bound, gagged, and will be raped…

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Sedena – Goth Girl’s Nightmare

A young goth girl vanishes from the party for a quick smoke in the garage…she will never show up again….

Chloroformed, she is kidnapped and dragged away. She wakes up bound and gagged on the floor… struggling not to avail, she is soon molested and violatedby her masked tormentor…

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Sedena – Kidnapped Lesbians

Starring Syrena & Emmanuelle

Syrena and Emmanuelle enjoy a sunny lazy day together in their villa…the kinky lesbians kiss and caress unaware someone is watching them from the distance…Someone who prepares this for some weeks…

He slowly wets the rag with the chloroform, his heart is bitting fast, as it is the first time he will do something like this….but the desire to possess those two is beyond his control…He always dreamed having some lesbian girls bound and gagged, struggling and at his mercy. Their body offered to him…then he could do whatever he wants to them, fuck them the way he wants…He jerked off a lot on that idea…till he saw those two a few weeks ago in a bar…and started stalking them…

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Sedena – Student For Hire

Young Nadya needs money for the faculty… The easiest way is to date some wealthy guys by Internet…But it is a dangerous game…specially when your date is a maniac obsessed by chloroform and tied up girls,…

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