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Psycho Thrillers – Pose For Your Killer

Starring: Shavelle Love, Talon

An assailant breaks into a beautiful woman’s home, overpowers her, makes her strip and pose for him, then service him sexually before strangling her to death.

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Psycho Thrillers – You Know You Want It

Starring: Vienna Rose, Reno

A woman is ambushed in her garage, is bound, groped and fondled in the back of her car, then carried to her bedroom, where she is raped and murdered.

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Psycho Thrillers – Unexpected Visitor 2

Starring: Vienna Rose, Eric Masterson 

A beautiful young blonde allows a stranger into her house, who forces her to service him sexually before he drowns her in the kitchen sink.

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Chris Corner – Should Have Had A Drink

Lexxi is on the road for business, she comes back to her hotel room after a long day of meetings, she starts to undress as she talks to her boyfriend on the phone. A creepy guy has been following her and the day before she had to tell him to get lost, she isn’t interested in even “Just one drink”. She sees him loitering in the lot outside her window but ignores him with an impervious attitude. She thinks she is so safe, so she finishes her call and gets undressed. She then starts to rub herself, then takes off her bra and starts to use her small vibrator. She goes at it and eventually screams with orgasmic pleasure. The man has snuck inside by now, he is very stealth and makes no noise. When she is done she changes into her Booty shorts and tank top to sleep, then crawls into bed to get some rest. When he knows she is out, he comes with his kit, a knife, rope, and chloroform and rag comes out.

He gets on top of her and administers the Chloroform, which she fights hard but passes out in under a minute.. After she is out he ties her up in a hog tie position, then grabs the knife. he plays with her pussy till she wakes and he threatens her with the knife, taunting her. He forces himself into her mouth, fucking her face as she drools and chokes on the dick. He then rapes her in many different positions, fucking her hard, saying, should have had a drink… After lots of Rape and forced oral in different positions, he cums in her moth and on her face, she gags and chokes, then spits up the seed on to the floor. The man knows now that he must finish her off and does so with a long, crazy, two handed throttle, and switching to one handed. He chokes her hard, her gasping, choking, drooling, and twitching, till he lifts her up and moves her again, choking the crap out of her. She drools and her eyes go wide and bloodshot as she expires. After she is dead, he removes all of the stuff from the room, positions her on the bed, then reminds her of why she, “Should have had that drink”…

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Chris Corner – Way Too Much Info

Sammi finally got done with her appointment with the D.A. He and his team have been trying to convince her to be a witness to a crime that is one in many. A young violent man has been kidnapping young ladies, abducting, then raping them repeatedly before killing them and dumping their bodies in the woods outside of town where he lives. She walks to her car, knowing that the suspect will soon be behind bars. It is such a lovely day outside, the sun shining, trees blooming, grass is green, and not a cloud in the sky. Sammi gets to her car, opens the trunk to put her bag in and a man runs up behind her, elbowing her in the back of the head. He rolls her body into the trunk and starts to tie her up. His long black rope ties the poor, knocked out beauty up tight. After she is wrapped up tight, he closes the trunk, grabs the keys from the lock and drives away.

The man pulls into his alley driveway, backing in to block any outside eyes from seeing his catch. When he pops the trunk, the girl is waiting, feet untied, and kicks him to the ground, she then starts to run, he chases her and punches her in the head, knocking her unconscious. He picks the hot young gal up and takes her through the backdoor to his living room. The man’s house is well kept and he carries her directly to the couch. He unbuttons her suit jacket, then, starts to remove her bra using his buck knife. He cuts the bra’s straps. When he reveals her breasts he can’t help but to play with them. They are perfect, milky white tits with large dark nipples. He fondles them with vigor. The man then removes the girl’s skirt and then panties, revealing a silky smooth, tight snatch. He leaves the room for us to check her out, tied by the hands, bra cut off, high-heeled pumps still on her feet.

 When he returns to the living room he has his gun in the small of his back. He flips the girl with her ass in the air, on the couch and sticks his dick in her while she is coming to. When she starts to whimper, he puts the 9mm up to her temple. The girl is terrified. She knows exactly who he is, her worst nightmare. He has been tailing her and knows she is a witness. After he screws her, he asks her if she knows him, she nods yes. He asks if she is going to testify and she says no. He says as long as she is cooperative, and let him have his way, then keeping quiet, he would let her go.

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Chris Corner – Gun Raped Cock Killed

Steevie is a very sexy blonde walking home late at night after getting done with work as a cocktail waitress. She strolls along and walks past an open door, peering in as she strides. Out of nowhere arms reach out the door and grab her pulling her in, bouncing her head off the door, and slammed down on a mattress at gunpoint, all in a couple quick seconds. Steevie is scared to death and in shock. She whimpers face down on the mattress as the crazed, lunatic, rapist holds the gun and says. “Keep quiet and do as your told, or I will kill you”. She whines in fear, but doesn’t resist, scared to be shot to death. The man orders her to stand and get up against the concrete wall. She does just that. He commands her to remove the jacket, and when she hesitates, he slaps her face hard and says, “don’t make me have to ask you twice”.

She removes the leather jacket and drops it to the floor. He plays with her body, with the gun, under the red light in the corner of the warehouse where he rapes and kills his victims. As she takes her clothes off, he forces the gun in her mouth, screwing her face with the cold steel .380, and then working his way to her cunt, where he penetrates her slightly with the nose of the iron. She whines and whimpers, not speaking a word. He orders her to the mattress, on her knees, and then fucks her mouth with the gun, then, tells her to unzip his jeans and pull out his cock. He forces her at gunpoint to suck his cock. He rams her hard and she gags on his member. He rapes her mouth hard, and forces her to lie on her back while he rapes her hard, the whole time holding the piece to her breast, head, mouth, and pussy. She is terrified and acts like she is being hurt, but at the same time, you hear the orgasmic pains that run through her body. She just wants to live, so she tries to oblige him, with some resistance.

After screwing her silly, he grabs her by her hair and makes her face down, where he fucks her hard as she screams and moans in pain and pleasure. After ramming her with his hard dick, he puts the gun in her pussy, fucking her hard with the steel, the whole time it is cocked and loaded, to add the tension and terror.  By now she is broken down in every element. After he grabs her and lies on his back, he forces her down on his dick and doesn’t let her breath at first. Then he lets her up, and then down to smother and gag, choke on his large penis. She fights hard, but to no avail, she fights, quivers, twitches, bucks, and heaves, even grabbing the mattress for leverage, but he just throws his boot to her back and she is doomed. She chokes to death on his hard cock. After she is dead, he plays with her by grabbing her hair and getting a dead, slack jaw blowjob. He goes for a while with him face fucking the dead girl. After he is ready he throws the body off of his and grabs her legs. He fucks her dead body for a couple minutes, ramming and slapping hard. He cums hard on her belly, as all of his fantasies come true. He positions her on the mattress for round 10, and exits the room for the world to view.

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Chris Corner – Underwater Prom

Zander has an idea! Invite the new girl Sammi over, tell her to get dressed up because they are going to do something special. Sammi knows Zander is a strange young man, and as high school dropout turned art student, she knows he lacks ambition, so she has kept her distance. Today she is bored, so she decides to take him up on the offer. The girl, from the other side of the tracks, dresses her best, including a lingerie set, with opera gloves that he had shipped to her with the invitation, including some new heels, and black stockings.

 her till her pussy is sore and swollen, while choking her with his tight, leather gloved hands he asks a question. “Do you like to play in the water”? He knows she is terrified of water and marches her upstairs to where the bath is running. He removes her lingerie, gloves, gag, leg cuffs, then finally after getting her in the tub, takes off the handcuffs. She is so scared, and pleads for him not to hurt her. He replies, “I won’t hurt you”, then grabs her and puts her head underwater! She thrashes all about, kicking, bubbling, and swallowing lots of water. The young man is strong, determined, and in control, she is no match, but still tries hard to free herself while he holds her down with both hands. The lady fights hard, but finally loses the battle, and we see her pretty blue eyes open underwater, mouth open, still and dead!

Zander is not don. He pulls the plug for the drain, then, pulls the hot girl’s lips and head to the edge of the tub for one last mouth fuck! He puts his hard dick in her mouth, screwing the girls face while her eyes stay open and glazed from the struggle. He climaxes on her face and mouth with a grand finale. After he gathers himself he pulls her to a better position, as she slides into the tub with a thud. We then see her body and open-eyed death stare from many angles, and sweeping pans.

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PKF Studios – Airport Assault


Zoey is a stewardess, she often has long tiring flights across the world with some very disagreeable people, today was alright though. She lands and calls her boyfriend telling her she’s alright, then while walking to her car runs into Miles and Torro, two soldiers that were on her flight, they offer to walk her to her car in thanks for taking care of them.

While walking through the empty airport, Miles see’s an opportunity he can’t let fly, an ajar maintenance door with a lock, he grabs on to Zoey and drags her into the small room. Torro helps him hold her down so he can tie her up, then goes out to make sure nobody comes in.

Miles feels her sexy body struggling against the rope, he bends down and starts to lick her tight pussy, then he puts some duct tape over her mouth and begins to fuck her. 

He pulls on her hair and rams her tight pussy, then flips her over, he starts to massage and play with her feet while he pounds her, he then unties her and fucks her a little more, before making her suck his dick, she takes it in her mouth, struggling and drooling all over until he cums.

Miles decides it’s time for Torro to get his, he knows the sick fuck will finish the job right. Toro comes in and very gingerly gets her to her feet then lays her down. He apologizes for his buddies behavior, then starts to tie her up. She begs him to stop, but he calmly explains that it is necessary and that it will all be over soon.

He starts to wipe her body down with a rag, then pulls out his knife and jams it into her breast. She squeals and chokes, then he stabs her again in the chest, then again until she dead.

The two tired soldiers start to clean up, then put the body in a container with the evidence to get rid of.

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PKF Studios – Inspiration

Starring Stella Marie and Marie Jane

His plan depended on convincing two naive girls to show up for a kinky video shoot.

That was easy.

Going through with it…..took a little more time. But he had plenty of time to think about it as he watched the two girls, now dosed with ecstasy, performing for him.

They were new to this, but took to it right away. Dressed in sexy lingerie, they kissed and cuddled, licked each other, sucked each other and soon were sucking and fucking him. He know it was going to end soon, but he enjoyed it while it lasted. His mind was made up now, but he would finish the ruse.

They continued, experimenting with strap-ons–again, a first for these girls….so pure, so naive. After they brought each other to mutual orgasms by mashing and rubbing their clits together, he brought out the flogger for some more fun.

Then it was time. When presented with the options, he was surprised how easily the curly haired girl asked for the axe. 

And then, he took her head. She had asked if it would hurt. Silly girl. It came right off with one swing….a pool of blood under her neck stump, her body twitching.

Next, it was time for the other girl to hang. He fingered her a bit, watching her fear grow, then let her drop. She struggled a while and he watched her face contort, her tongue mouth gaping for air, and body twitch and spasm. 

After she was dead, he put her on the bed and fucked her warm corpse until he was satisfied. Exhausted he left to shower–realizing he would have to come back and clean it all up later.

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PKF Studios – Cheating Murder Day

“Cheating Murder Day”
Starring Daizy Cooper

It was that time a year again…Murder Day. Or, at least it was. 2 minutes ago it officially ended. But, he felt like cheating and the bitch that was about to come back to her hotel room where he was waiting, deserved to die.
She entered her room, and noticed something was off. She was not scared. Murder Day was over and this hotel was gated and protected from the riff raff. She just had a nice meal in the restaurant and was going to head to bed. Be something was strange…..on the chair in front of her–strange objects. 

As she went to investigate, he attacked, chloroforming her.
Now for the fun. He slowly stripped her down to her sexy clothes, then cuffed her ankles and wrists. He watched her sleep, and then she woke and saw him….she knew she was fucked. The bitch told his (now EX) girlfriend that he was cheating in her (true), but fuck….ruined a perfectly good dysfunctional relationship. Now…bitch gonna die for running her mouth.

But, he would have some fun. She was super hot, and if she was not such a bitch, well, maybe they could have smashed. Oh well. He had her stand as he molested her. He had her stick her ass out so he could flog it. Then, he made her suck his cock…..and she did that very well. SOLD! Now he wanted to fuck her….and he did. She couldn’t do nothing about it. 

He first fucked her on the couch, then across the ottoman until he shot his load deep in her tight cunt.

Welp, time to get to the dying.

He had her up on a chair, fondled her some more as she whined about it. Something like “your not going to get away with this”, and he was like “I literally am bitch”. He had it all worked out, he would leave his wrist watch by her body with the time changed to just before midnight. Yeah, he had it all figured.

Out with the chair and down she went, struggling and choking. Her feet kicked and body swung. Her cute young titties bounced about. It was nice. Took a long time, but eventually she was still. He took her down.

But he was not done with her. Watching her die, made him ready for round 2. He flopped her limp corpse on the bed, spat on her cunt to juice it up, and let his engorged cock slide right it. He was able to go for a little while, but her warm tight pussy hugging his cock did the trick and he unloaded in her. 

He took his watch off, reset the time and set it next to her. No way they would see past his brilliance. Then he quickly left.

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