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Pro Villain Productions – Pepper Hart in Roulette

Pepper sleeps safe and sound in her bedroom until an Intruder breaks in. He takes a moment to fondle her sleeping curves then wakes her with a hand over her mouth and a gun pointed at her face. Poor terrified Pepper can only hold still and try not to whimper too loud as her assailant ties her wrists then legs leaving her helpless and so vulnerable. Next he slashes her satin nightgown to ribbons, exposing her amazing body to his leering gaze. Finally he removes all the bullets from his revolver except one. It’s time to play “who pops first?” with her. He starts to rape her, occasionally pausing to spin the chambers and pull the trigger. Pepper moans with horror every time the hammer falls, certain she is going to die. Will the Villain cum first and save her life, or will he blow her brains all over the pillow and keep fucking her slowly cooling corpse? Watch and see…

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Foot Predator – Dead Drunk

A girl is dead drunk on a bed , a guy rapes and molests her .

CONTAINS : ass and and soles in the same shot, ass pussy and soles in the same shot, blow job, cum on body, fingering, foot worship, footjob, handjob, vaginal sex 

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Hardcore Abductions #77 Beth

The Stalker cons his way into an attractive womens’ room. Once inside, she soon realizes what a mistake she has made by letting The Stalker into her room. She must lift both her skirt and blouse to show him her lovely body . Then she is tied and gives a BJ resulting in an awesome facial, which she wears for the duration of the video. Gagged and blindfolded, she is used on the bed before The Stalker makes his get-a-way.

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Cruel World – A Pleasant Errand

Girl raped and strangled. Today the boss asked the Bald killing one of their couriers, carrying drugs.  He suspected her of collaboration with the rival gang.

The boss said Bald – “do with what you want, but she must be dead”.

Bald replied, “then can I rape her? “

The boss replied – “Of course. Don’t give police samples of your DNA. Do you understand me, hope? “

Bald replied, “Of course! Condoms always with me”…..and laughed.

Bald took with him his favorite set of lock picks and went to the specified address…

Woman courier loved “naughty with a noose around his neck”.
This is her biggest and last mistake in my life…

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Brittanys Bombshell Bondage – Spending quality time against her will

Brittany has alot of admirers, people who buy her stuff and leave nice comments on her site but she has always noticed a creepy van hanging out in her neighborhood, she has noticed things coming up missing in her home but usually little stuff nothing of value. One day she was leaving for work and she was surprised by a guy wearing a mask, he overpowered her ziptied her wrists, stuff mouth and covered it with clear tape, and then placed dark sunglasses on her. As they arrived to what she assumed was his home he led down to a cellar converted living space, she was shocked to see a tribute of pictures and various missing items.

He fondled his new toy and told her how long he had watched her and that they will be married as soon as she excepts him, he removes the gag and forces her to suck his dick ( full bondage blowjob scene), he restuffs her mouth and wraps tape around her head, he watches as she squirms and then plows her ass hard ( bondage sex scene), he took more zipties and balltied her tightly to keep her tightly and painfully in place, he placed tape over her eyes as he headed out to let her get use to her new room

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PKF Studios – Bring A Virgin

“Bring a Virgin”
Starring Jill Kassidy and Mary Jane

Aaron has a little trouble with the lady’s. They are all such fucking whores he cannot seem to find one good enough to still need a deflowering. A bit of a deviant, he knows just where to find one. He got the number for a morally shaky service off the deep web and gives them a call to request exactly what he needs. Being the sort of business they are his inclination is to be wary, but surely as he calls, they are already prepping the perfect girl.

In his bedroom, the product lays on the bed, bound by a slave’s ankle and wrist cuffs, a ball gag in her mouth and in pretty pink lingerie. The product has been packaged perfectly, just for him…And the sexy agent they sent with her isn’t bad either. But she is a virgin so she has to be taught.

Aaron tells the agent to show her how to give a proper blowjob and directs her perfect little face to his cock. She pushes saliva out from between her lips to get his cock wet and begins to give him a good sucking. Once the virgin slave seems to have a good grasp of things, he observes her skills on the agent’s strap on before putting her on his own cock.

She takes him in his mouth in full length, sucking him so perfectly, her slutty mouth glides along his shaft as she licks him like a porn star. His cock throbs in her mouth as his warm shaft parts her lips. Bending her over he decides its time for her deflowering. But as he pushes into her, the pained look in her eyes, the push back of an intact hymen, the tears that comes with the tearing of and over stretched vagina, the reaction he desires from an authentic virgin…are missing.

Pulling a gun, he knows he’s been had. he demands to know if she is a true virgin pointing the gun at the unsurprised looking agent. When she admits the truth and promises anything to save their lives, he forces the pair together. He makes the “virgin” spread her legs for the agent. The agent bends down and eats her pussy per the customers demands. She fingers her, thrusting her fingers into her wet whore cunt as he eats the agents pussy from behind. The pair are then forced to scissor, pressing their cunts together as he watches.

When the two, denigrated by this forced deed orgasm, he leaves them on the bed to stew. When he comes back however, he has a new plan. He wraps a nylon off her own leg around the deceptive agents neck. The virgin watches on in horror, ball gagged and unable to scream as the lying agent’s life is taken before her. Her legs flail as she meets her end, her body eventually slumping in her killers lap, legs spread, he fuck hole exposed.

In a dark basement, a noose hangs from the ceiling, the “virgin” on the end of it. The angered customer demands the little slut pleasure herself one last time before she dies. This makes him feel better about his awful deed. When she is near cumming, he kicks the stool out from under her and she dangles before him, her feet flicking like the tails of towing flags behind the truck he will use to dump the bodies…. but first he has one more use for these used up whores.

The dead woman on the rope hangs perfectly so his cock meets her cunt. He uses her as a pendulum to wipe his dick with her pussy, the frottage getting him hard. She is still wet from her near orgasm. Her pussy slides over his cock, but the his trophy hung from the rafters won’t do for a proper fuck hole. He takes her down and brings her back to the bedroom, laying the two girls out, ying and yang on the bed and pushes his cock deep into his purchased slut. He fucks her immobile body as her breasts roll like waves on her chest, like the waves of the ocean where he will dump her. His balls tighten as his load bursts from his cock and he collapses on top of her to share a final silent moment. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Virgin, Whores, Lingerie, Stockings, Ball Gagged, Cuffs, Slaves, Blowjob, Spit, Lesbian, Strap On, Dildo, Fucking, Guns, Peril, Terror, Forced Fingering, Forced Pussy Licking, Tribbing, Bound, Nylon Strangle, Gasping, Struggle, Death, Hanging, Forced Pussy Rubbing, Death, Frottage, Necro Sex, Internal, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

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PKF Studios – Unloved Nazi Girl

“Unloved Nazi Girl”
Starring Aubrey Sinclair

Private Aaron, a green beret has been captured by the Germans. One of his nazi captors comes in wearing her sexy skirt and nazi frock. She promises she is not the nazi that hurt him and that if only he makes love to her, as she is so lonely. He agrees to her conditions, who can pass up a sexy nazi?

He opens up her blouse and fondles her breasts running his hands down her as she swoons. He moves a hand to her pussy and rubs it, smearing her hot nazi juices across her cunt, making it perfectly wet for his cock. He pulls it out as he bends her over the cot that had been his bed for the last several years. He takes whats his pushing his cock as deep inside her as he can. But theres something else he wants to shove inside her…

Taking the dagger from her belt, he raises it and brings it down swiftly, piercing her stomach. She wretches in pain and shouts at him for wrecking her perfect nazi body. The two clash in combat as he withdraws the knife. Stabbing her again, he gets the drop on her and pulls out her ruger. He points it at her, forcing her to her knees. On all fours he fucks her some more, her winces of pain urging him on as he holds the gun on her.

When he cums deep inside her nazi pussy, he puts her against the wall. He loves hearing her plead for her life. He draws the gun and approaches her, her pleading mouth makes a perfect holster for her gun. He presses it to the back of her throat and letting her take only a moment for her to take in these last moments of her life, and pulls the trigger, blasting her brains out the back of her skull. Her limp body slides down the plank, blood spilling out of her mouth as the newly free soldier makes his escape.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Nazi Role Play, Shooting, Breast Fondling, Pussy Rubbing, Fucking, Doggystyle, Belly Stabbing, Head Shot, Death, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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