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Pro Villain Productions – Bank Robbery, Rape and Murder

Christiana Cinn is a bank manager, Chanel Preston her trusty security guard. They are helping one last customer for the night but can’t authorize his transaction and they send him away. Little do they realize he was casing the bank. He returns with a gun and forces Christiana to bind Chanel with duct-tape. Then he binds Christiana as well and molests and threatens them with the gun until he gets the passwords and codes he needs to transfer all their funds to his offshore account. Then, while he’s waiting, for the money to clear, he decides to have a little fun. First he forces Christiana to suck his cock at gunpoint while Chanel watches helplessly. Then he bends Chanel over and rapes her from behind, grunting as he dumps his load into her pussy.

Our bank robber is far from done. He pulls his cock from Chanel’s ruined pussy and makes her suck him back to hardness. Then he turns his attention on Christiana. Just to make sure he has her full attention he shoves the barrel of his gun up her pussy. Then he rapes her while Chanel watches and sobs. After the cruel Villain cums all over Christiana’s ass, Chanel tries to make a break for it. The robber catches her and forces her to watch while he strangles Christiana to death as punishment. Chanel is horrified and begs for her own life. The robber makes her suck his cock at gunpoint, shooting his entire load into her mouth. But when Chanel fails to swallow it all he strangles her as well. Then he poses the bodies in each other’s arms, smashes the office computer, and leaves while the camera pans over the poor ruined girls lying dead on the floor.

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Pro Villian Productions – Chanel Preston Raped

Gorgeous Chanel Preston is hosting a dinner party. She steps away for only a moment, into the restroom to freshen up. Her long lovely legs in their stockings are just right, her shiny black heels are perfect. A little black dress clings to her amazing body in all the right places. She primps her hair in the mirror, unaware of the man who has slipped into the restroom with her. He moves in close and she jumps when she finally sees him. Chanel starts to ask him what the hell he’s doing in the women’s restroom, but with a quick flick of his wrist the switchblade springs out, and she is suddenly very quiet and compliant. He slices her dress away to reveal her stunning breasts, then whispers in her ear and kisses her. Chanel whimpers in terror, but he KNOWS she wants him from the way she was (not) looking at him outside.

He KNOWS she wants to be pushed down to her knees before him. His cock comes out and he forces her to beg to suck it. What can poor Chanel do? The knife caresses her cheek as her skillful lips and tongue caress his shaft and balls, increasing his certainty that she truly wants this. Then he grabs her neck and twists her around to all fours, rubbing his glistening wet cock against her exposed pussy. What will happen next? He makes her say it: “You’re going to fuck me” but that’s not enough. The knife rends her dress to tatters that barely cling to her as he makes her beg for it. Finally he gives it to her, at first slowly, savoring every tight hot inch of her, then harder, faster, more and more brutal. Finally he forces her to beg him to cum inside her, and as she sobs in horror he rams balls deep into her, dumping his full load of cum into her undefended womb. He shreds the final remains of her dress and leaves her there on the bathroom floor, curled up in a ball, naked, brutalized, crying, and oozing his cum from her violated pussy.

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Pro Villain Productions – Lexi Belle in Pleasure Slave

Tim Woodman has received a very expensive, very special package today. He opens the box, and within he finds his new slave, Lexi Belle! She is tied hands and feet, cleave-gagged, dressed in a cheerleader outfit. He takes her out of her crate and sits her on a sofa. She stares at him, terrified but submissive, as he removes the gag and explains that she is his slave, bought and paid for. She begs him not to hurt her like her last Master, and he tells her that depends on her obedience to him. Then he starts to kiss and caress her while she lies terrified and helpless under his forceful hands. What will poor Slave Lexi’s fate be, in the hands of her new Master?

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rough Therapy

The ONE and ONLY legendary pornstar Tyler Faith stars as a well-intentioned, large breasted therapist who thinks she can cure a Pro-Villain of his tendencies towards rape & force. What do you suppose happens to her? Well DUH she gets tied up at knifepoint & stripped. Some nasty blackmail photos are taken, then she’s forced to suck cock, and finally she’s raped right on her own damn desk!

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rich Bitch Raped

Tyler Faith (who is in real life a total sweetie) plays a rich bitch who finds herself in an empty garage, her car stolen, no reception on her cell phone. Just then a Villain rolls up (in a bitchin Firebird) to help her out, but he decides to tie her up and rape her at knifepoint instead. I just LOVE it when rich girls cry in terror while they’re forced to suck cock!

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Pro Villain Productions – Jessica Jaymes in Busted

Jessica Jaymes is a bitchy DA who is hot on the trail of Tim’s Slave Ring, until he breaks in on her and holds a gun to her head! He forces her to strip while she glares at him, then attaches a dog-collar to her neck, and handcuffs to her wrists. Watch her shriek and curse as he rapes her from behind, but don’t worry, Tim will break this hardassed bitch soon enough…

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PKF Studios – The Penthouse Murders

“The Penthouse Murders”
Starring Olive, Kate Kenzi, & Penny Lay

Olive has decided to share her recent good fortune with Kate and Penny by inviting them to party with her in her luxury penthouse suite. The girls get loose by doing shots and giggling in their sexy outfits, but unbeknownst to them, an armed intruder is lurking within the sprawling penthouse.

The liquor gets the ladies horny and they soon begin making out on the couch. Penny is reluctant to join a lesbian three-way with her sister, but soon gives in to her underlying urges. The girls move to the bedroom where Olive shows them her new bejeweled butt plug and they take turns tracing the alphabet on each other’s throbbing clits.

Soon after Penny and Kate head to the bathroom for some one on one sister bonding, the intruder enters and rudely interrupts the party with several shots from his pistol. Kate is quickly killed and spills warm blood all over the nice imported tiles. Penny dies more slowly, but soon joins her sister.

The intruder turns to find Olive strutting into the bathroom. He takes aim, but Olive maintains eye contact while suggestively stroking the silencer of his gun. His blood already hot from the killing, the intruder fucks Olive on top of the dead girls. It eventually sprawls into a necro orgy involving both dead sisters. Olive and the killer finish off on the bed, when he shoots a hot load all over Olive’s pretty face, followed immediately by some hot lead through her forehead!

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PKF Studios – Out Of Character

“Out of Character”
Starring Aubrey Sinclair & Verronica Kirei

Watch as a devious photographer fools a sexy, young girl into his chamber of horrors. There are red flags aplenty, such as the weeping, terrified girl, bound and gagged on the bed, but the silver tongued deviant talks her out of her clothes and into leather shackles. Evil he may be, but he has chosen two hot chicks, dressed in exquisitely seductive lingerie, so he definitely has taste. Not to mention a rock hard cock that he uses to tear up their little love holes. Cowing them into submission with a gun, he forces them to suck his stiff prick, sit on each other’s faces and fuck each other with a strap-on. 

In the midst of the forced orgy, the man wraps a length of hose around one girl’s neck, strangling her to death, while the other looks on in horror. Once she is out of the way, he brings the other frightened girl to the basement, where he has arranged a noose and a stool. Hands bound behind her back, he orders her on the stool and places the noose around her neck. She begs and pleads to be set free, but nothing will dissuade him from his mission. Kicking the stool out from under her, her watches as she kicks and twitches and swings at the end of the rope. After she is dead, her takes her upstairs and, propping her on the body of the other girl, starts a night of necro fun. Say what you will about the demented photographer and his obscene hobby, but that is an artist with vision. 

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PKF Studios – Deadly Homecoming

“Deadly Homecoming”
Starring Angelina Diamanti, Kyss & Ember Stone

It’s a huge, taboo orgy when brother comes home to find his three sexy sisters playing. He joins in on the fun, making sure each and every one of them cums and cums. Unfortunately, the fun comes to an end when he allows his paranoia to get the best of him. What happens if anyone should ever find out about his illicit family activities? They swear they won’t tell, but he can’t take the chance. He strangles one and snaps the necks of the other two, leaving three pretty corpses on the bed. The reunion is going to be a little awkward this year. 

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PKF Studios – The Good Soldier

Starring Nora Riley

A female soldier has been kidnapped and handcuffed to an imposing dental chair wearing only her white underwear and a black bag over her head. Her captor punches her to wake her from her slumber. She screams as he twists her nipples hard, slapping at her tits, a mere appetizer for what is in store for her. He removes the black bag around her head, her eyes are blindfolded, her mouth gagged with a towel. He punches her, demonizing for enter HIS country and killing HIS people. He pummels her viciously as continues her screaming. He removes the blindfold and demands she tell him everything she knows.

The bruises and bleeding intensifies as he continues his rage, removing the towel from her mouth, blood spilling out of her mouth. He produces a machine gun and jabs her in the gut repeatedly, mixing in a few punches. She demands to be treated as a Prisoner of War as it decrees under the Geneva Convention, but there are no rules here behind enemy lines.

Her captor interrogates as he prepares a thick shaft of wood with a soaked rag wrapped around the top. She has 60 seconds to tell him what he wants to know. The towel will prevent her skin from breaking, meaning her can beat her as long as he wants. She slaps her thighs with the weapon, demanding her to speak. He hits her again and again, as she refuses to rat out her country.

He rips off her bra and fondles her tits, now soaked with blood before removing her panties. He beats her again until the method has been exhausted. He grips her left hand and begins breaking her fingers one by one, until both hands are rendered useless. He handcuffs her arms above her head and watches her struggle. 

Slapping duct tape over her eyes and mouth he shocks her with a cattle prod over her chest, clit, stomach, and legs each electrocution burning more than the last. Attaching electrodes to her pussy and clamping cables to her nipple studs, her captor shocks her with high dosages of electricity, flicking the switch on and off as she convulses and screams with each new shock.

He inserts a dental device into her mouth to keep it propped open as he begins emergency surgery, using a drill to carve deep into her gums and teeth and blood spills down her lips. She finally screams that she will talk, the captor taking a brief respite from his handiwork. He is tired of listening to her though, she will not tell him what he wants to hear. A gunshot to the head ends her life, bloody and pathetic, behind enemy lines.

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