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Pro Villain Productions – Bank Robbery, Rape and Murder

Christiana Cinn is a bank manager, Chanel Preston her trusty security guard. They are helping one last customer for the night but can’t authorize his transaction and they send him away. Little do they realize he was casing the bank. He returns with a gun and forces Christiana to bind Chanel with duct-tape. Then he binds Christiana as well and molests and threatens them with the gun until he gets the passwords and codes he needs to transfer all their funds to his offshore account. Then, while he’s waiting, for the money to clear, he decides to have a little fun. First he forces Christiana to suck his cock at gunpoint while Chanel watches helplessly. Then he bends Chanel over and rapes her from behind, grunting as he dumps his load into her pussy.

Our bank robber is far from done. He pulls his cock from Chanel’s ruined pussy and makes her suck him back to hardness. Then he turns his attention on Christiana. Just to make sure he has her full attention he shoves the barrel of his gun up her pussy. Then he rapes her while Chanel watches and sobs. After the cruel Villain cums all over Christiana’s ass, Chanel tries to make a break for it. The robber catches her and forces her to watch while he strangles Christiana to death as punishment. Chanel is horrified and begs for her own life. The robber makes her suck his cock at gunpoint, shooting his entire load into her mouth. But when Chanel fails to swallow it all he strangles her as well. Then he poses the bodies in each other’s arms, smashes the office computer, and leaves while the camera pans over the poor ruined girls lying dead on the floor.

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Pro Villian Productions – Chanel Preston Raped

Gorgeous Chanel Preston is hosting a dinner party. She steps away for only a moment, into the restroom to freshen up. Her long lovely legs in their stockings are just right, her shiny black heels are perfect. A little black dress clings to her amazing body in all the right places. She primps her hair in the mirror, unaware of the man who has slipped into the restroom with her. He moves in close and she jumps when she finally sees him. Chanel starts to ask him what the hell he’s doing in the women’s restroom, but with a quick flick of his wrist the switchblade springs out, and she is suddenly very quiet and compliant. He slices her dress away to reveal her stunning breasts, then whispers in her ear and kisses her. Chanel whimpers in terror, but he KNOWS she wants him from the way she was (not) looking at him outside.

He KNOWS she wants to be pushed down to her knees before him. His cock comes out and he forces her to beg to suck it. What can poor Chanel do? The knife caresses her cheek as her skillful lips and tongue caress his shaft and balls, increasing his certainty that she truly wants this. Then he grabs her neck and twists her around to all fours, rubbing his glistening wet cock against her exposed pussy. What will happen next? He makes her say it: “You’re going to fuck me” but that’s not enough. The knife rends her dress to tatters that barely cling to her as he makes her beg for it. Finally he gives it to her, at first slowly, savoring every tight hot inch of her, then harder, faster, more and more brutal. Finally he forces her to beg him to cum inside her, and as she sobs in horror he rams balls deep into her, dumping his full load of cum into her undefended womb. He shreds the final remains of her dress and leaves her there on the bathroom floor, curled up in a ball, naked, brutalized, crying, and oozing his cum from her violated pussy.

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Pro Villain Productions – Lexi Belle in Pleasure Slave

Tim Woodman has received a very expensive, very special package today. He opens the box, and within he finds his new slave, Lexi Belle! She is tied hands and feet, cleave-gagged, dressed in a cheerleader outfit. He takes her out of her crate and sits her on a sofa. She stares at him, terrified but submissive, as he removes the gag and explains that she is his slave, bought and paid for. She begs him not to hurt her like her last Master, and he tells her that depends on her obedience to him. Then he starts to kiss and caress her while she lies terrified and helpless under his forceful hands. What will poor Slave Lexi’s fate be, in the hands of her new Master?

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rough Therapy

The ONE and ONLY legendary pornstar Tyler Faith stars as a well-intentioned, large breasted therapist who thinks she can cure a Pro-Villain of his tendencies towards rape & force. What do you suppose happens to her? Well DUH she gets tied up at knifepoint & stripped. Some nasty blackmail photos are taken, then she’s forced to suck cock, and finally she’s raped right on her own damn desk!

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rich Bitch Raped

Tyler Faith (who is in real life a total sweetie) plays a rich bitch who finds herself in an empty garage, her car stolen, no reception on her cell phone. Just then a Villain rolls up (in a bitchin Firebird) to help her out, but he decides to tie her up and rape her at knifepoint instead. I just LOVE it when rich girls cry in terror while they’re forced to suck cock!

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Pro Villain Productions – Jessica Jaymes in Busted

Jessica Jaymes is a bitchy DA who is hot on the trail of Tim’s Slave Ring, until he breaks in on her and holds a gun to her head! He forces her to strip while she glares at him, then attaches a dog-collar to her neck, and handcuffs to her wrists. Watch her shriek and curse as he rapes her from behind, but don’t worry, Tim will break this hardassed bitch soon enough…

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PKF Studios – Humiliate Kate

“Humiliate Kate”
Starring Kate Kenzi
Directed by JohnM

Ambitious, young police detective Kate is questioning a suspect when the tables are suddenly turned on her. Snatching her gun, the felon forces her to strip and perform a series of humiliating acts, such as eating his cum out of a dirty shoe. Dressing her up like a maid, he begins training her to be his reluctant slut sex slave, but then abandons the idea, figuring it’s just easier to kill her. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Violence, Beating, Pantyhose, Begging, Terror, Rape, Forced BJ, Forced Cum Eating, Humiliation, Cumshot, Uniforms, Bondage, Handcuffs, Ball Gag, Maid Uniform, Garrote Strangling, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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Sex Slaves For Cash – Dolly Leigh Bought and Fucked

There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves.  For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys a one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun.  This movie does just that in a set of hot scenes starring Dolly Leigh.

This video starts right after I purchased Dolly at some illegal slave auction.  Since they know their buyers will be anxious to play with their new toys, they set up little sex rooms where buyers can fuck their new sex slaves before they take them home.  I lead Dolly into the room and tell her the good news, that I just bought her and that I’ll be taking her away from this place.

Dolly doesn’t seem very happy with this.  Apparently the ungrateful slut either hasn’t been here long enough to be fully trained or wasn’t trained that well, because she acts just a little bit indignant towards me.  As I undress Dolly so I can play with her body, she doesn’t resist but she isn’t being very appreciative.  Since we’re still in her training facility, and she’s still in chains, she doesn’t dare resist but she has enough of an attitude that it peaks through in her body language.  Still, I’m in a happy mood since I have a hot new sex slave to play with so I give her the chance to suck my dick and make it up to me.

Dolly gives a really good blowjob for a while but she isn’t very into it.  I have to keep prompting her to get her hands involved instead of just using her mouth.  You can tell she’s very skilled at giving head.  You can also tell she’s blowing a man that she detests and she isn’t hiding it well.  Eventually she makes the mistake of letting out a loud sigh.  That’s my final straw.

Since Dolly doesn’t want to give me a proper blowjob, I lock a ballgag in her worthless mouth and put her up on the bed.  She’s now naked, handcuffed, ballgagged and on all fours.  I fuck her doggy style for a while.  Between having her hands cuffed together and not being into it Dolly doesn’t manage to stay on her knees and collapses onto her stomach.  This doesn’t deter me.  I just keep fucking her from behind.

I eventually chain Dolly down to the bed so I can climb on top of her and fuck her in a more traditional position.  Since she’s going to be my sex slave for the rest of her life I figure we should probably get a little more personal with our sex.  Dolly is still a little indignant while getting fucked.  I think she even rolls her eyes once or twice during the whole ordeal.  That’s okay.  If she didn’t finish her training before I bought her then I’ll just have to finish it once I get her home.  We’ll have plenty of time for that later.  For now I just fuck the hell out my hot captive until I blow my load all over her sexy body.

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Sex Slaves For Cash – Summer Day Bought and Fucked

There are a ton of videos depicting girls being taken and then prepared to be sold as sex slaves. For some reason you never see the second part where some lucky, rich bastard buys one of those sex slaves, takes her home, and has some fun with her. This movie series does just that. This installment consists of some very hot scenes starring the sexy Summer Day.

Instead of scripting videos in this Bought and Fucked series I prefer to role play the scenario out with the models live.  It let’s each girl react in a way that feels the most natural to her.  In this video, Summer decided to role play as if the dungeon where she was trained was a living hell where the girls were subjected to unspeakable horrors daily.  As a result, she role plays as if she’s genuinely ecstatic to have finally been bought and, essentially, rescued from that place.  When you combine that with Summer being one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with, you get an incredibly hot performance.  Summer is very happy and grateful to be starting her new life as my sex slave.  Her only desire seems to be pleasing her new master and making sure he has no reason to ever get rid of her, lest she end up back in the dungeon.  Her eyes light up when she sees that she’ll now have a big, fluffy bed to sleep in instead of being chained up on a cold concrete floor.  She gets a huge smile when she realizes she’ll be fed three times a day and only has to have sex with one man for the rest of her life.

Summer pours her heart into giving her new master the best blowjob she can.  She makes sure to make plenty of sexy eye contact and smiles seductively as she’s allowed the opportunity to please her master with her oral skills.  He doesn’t want to waste his load coming from a blowjob, so after a few minutes he stands her up, plays with her body a little, then bends her over the bed and starts fucking her.

Summer’s master eventually moves her onto the bed so he can climb on top of his new sex slave to fuck her.  She can’t hide her delight when she’s laid back on a mound of soft pillows to be fucked by her owner.  Her hands are still cuffed behind her back, but this is so much better than what she’s used to that she can barely believe it’s real.  Her emotions show through very clearly.  She is experiencing profound joy and relief to be a slave to a man who’s treating her so well, but she is still a little tense from the hell she just endured.  Her tension fades even more when her master starts fucking her.  She’s feeling the dick she’ll be fucking for the rest of her life inside her and she absolutely loves it. 

After fucking for a while Summer’s master decides to uncuff her hands from behind her back because he doesn’t want her to be too uncomfortable.  She gets so delighted when he tells her that she almost cums.  He recuffs her hands in front and padlocks the handuff chain to a D-ring on the back of her permanently locked on slave collar.  This keeps her hands nicely out of the way, but lets Summer lay on her back so she can really enjoy her fucking without having to lay on her hands.  Her owner then climbs on top of her and fucks her good before blowing his load on her stomach.

It looks like this lucky guy picked the right slave to buy.  Summer is going to make her new owner very happy and she’ll be grateful for every minute of it.

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Sex Slaves For Cash – Lynn Love in College Captive

I start this video with Lynn standing up already restrained and ballgagged. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and her ankles are locked together. I feel her up aggressively, going up her clothes and kissing her in the process.

Lynn is then moved to the bed. Now undressed, Lynn is bound and forced to give my dick some oral attention. Lynn is a little resistant to this, but she’s not in a position to give no for an answer.

For the final part of the video Lynn is completely naked and restrained in a very vulnerable position with her wrists locked apart by a spreader bar which is secured to a collar around her neck. This position makes her hands completely useless to her. I fuck her aggressively in this position before cumming on her to end the movie.

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