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Psycho Thrillers – What Little Girls Are Made Of 4

Starring: Hannah Hayes, Anthony

A young girl is walking down the driveway in her school outfit toward her her house. As she passes a car parked in a side street alley, a guy jumps out and puts a gun to her head. He tells her to be quiet and cooperate, and she obeys. He rapes her in a few positions, and when he has his climax he tells her if she talks to anyone he will find her and kill her.

The next day after school she fantasizes about the rape and masturbates on her bed. She talks to a friend on the phone, telling her about the assault and her fantasies. She hears a noise and thinking it is her parents, she leaves the bedroom. She discovers the man who had raped her standing there. He says he warned her not to tell. 

He throws her body on the bed and taunts her with a knife, cutting a hole in her panties. She is afraid but also excited. Finally he grabs her by the neck and starts to choke her. He strangles her to death, then fucks her dead body, and disappears.

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Psycho Thrillers – What If

Starring: Ashly Anderson, Jack Vegas, Tommy Gunn Size: 1.42 GB Time: 28:45 Minutes

Two Guys and One Girl
Smoking Drugs
Choking to Unconsciousness
Female Death ( Strangulation )
Garrote Strangulation
Postmortem Undressing
Necro Blow Job 
2 on 1 Necro Sex
Neck Snap
Fetish Props: Garrote

Two guys are doing PCP to the point where they start hallucinating and get horny and angry. One of the guys tries to get a girlfriend to come over, but she blows him off because he is high. The guys get angrier and angrier. They get the idea of calling for food delivery so they can get some pleasure and release out of the delivery person. 
The delivery person who shows up is a big guy, so they just tell him it was the wrong house. They call a different place and the delivery person is a young sexy girl.
They get her into the house and one of the guys tells her they will not pay her, which creates an argument. The guys start to get touchy as well, which leads to a fight. One guy grabs her by her neck and tosses her on the sofa and continues to strangle her till she passes out. 
Then he pulls out a garrote and wraps it around her neck and starts strangling her. After they finish her they fuck her body and go to eat their food.

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Psycho Thrillers – Late Night

Starring: Ashly Anderson, Anthony

A security guy at a bar talks to a female bartender, who tells him it’s fine for him to leave, she will finish and close up for the night. He goes, leaving her alone. She wipes tables and puts glasses away, but then she hears a noise. She gets out pepper spray from her purse and walks toward the bathroom where the noise had come from.

She opens the door and looks in, ready to use her spray. No one is there. Relieved, she turns around and a masked man grabs her by the neck. He lifts her up and throws her on a table. She tries to struggle, but he hits her head on the table a few times to knock her unconscious. 

He plays with her feet, tears her panties and starts raping her. After a few positions she wakes up and starts to resist him. He grabs her neck again and strangles her to death on her knees. 

He picks her up, carries her to a table and necro-fucks her body until he cums all over her ass. He leaves her body on the table when he is finished.

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Psycho Thrillers – The Story

Starring: India Summer, Tommy Pistol

A man is looking at his laptop, watching a Psycho-Thrillers video. He is totally turned on, rubbing his dick as he watches. Suddenly he hears his doorbell ring. He closes his laptop and goes to answer it, and is amazed to discover it is a gorgeous pornstar. She introduces herself as his new neighbor. He says he has seen her videos and is a fan. She smiles, and asks him for some water. There is some problem with the water supply to her house, and she is thirsty after working out. He brings her a bottle of water, she drinks, and they make casual conversation.

After a while she comments how hot it is in the house, takes her workout towel from her shoulders and pats down the sweat on her body. She asks if she can use his washroom. He shows her the way, and when he returns he sees she has left her towel on his couch. He smells it and is wildly turned on. He can’t resist masturbating while she is in the washroom. At first he does not notice when she returns, and when he finally sees her watching him, he is embarrassed and tries to explain, but she is not upset. In fact she thinks he is hot, and offers to have sex with him.

He can’t believe his good luck. They go to the bedroom and things get hot and heavy. She then tells him she likes being strangled while fucking. We wraps the towel around her neck and strangles her while they fuck in different positions. She enjoys it. When he comes she smiles and asks if he is satisfied. He replies that the main part comes now. He tightens the towel around her neck and strangles her to death.

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Psycho Thrillers – Home Body


Two men target a young housewife who is married to a wealthy older man. The lead killer, an electrician, targets his victims during his work as an electrician, secretly using his cell phone to record his victims as they go about their daily lives. He then shows it to his long time friend and they prepare by waiting for their victim to leave their home so they could sneak inside and prepare the bedrooms, put on their masks and wait for her to return. When she does she is surprised, overpowered and chloroformed into unconsciousness before being carried away to a distant living room where she is laid to rest and her body canvassed by arousing hands that convince her sub consciousness that she is having a wet dream.

Moments later her cunt, her ass and her delicious pussy is exposed to their sight, their fingers which ravage her soft, warm golden goods. Her body responds to their touch until the chemical dissipates within her and she becomes aware of her surroundings and what just occurred. She tries to run, tries to break free of their muscular arms but she is not strong enough and is held to her knees. Cocks are thrust roughly into her mouth and rudely down her throat and every effort she makes to push their thighs away fail. Soon her mouth and pussy is filled with hard cocks thrusting hard and deep and relentlessly through her. Whenever her protests threaten to soften their cocks, they grab her throat hard, choking her, making her do things she never had to do with her husband like licking their balls, the shaft of their hard cocks before they are savagely thrusts back into her moist holes. It doesn’t get any better when she is carried off into her bedroom and tied to the bed, fondled and humiliated then forced to take a bottle up inside her pussy. She is being plowed and bottle fucked then endures 2 hands plowing her little flower bed, gouging into her pussy and finding something deep that begins to arouse her.

Her husband was a lover, soft and gentle and never pressed her, never forced her so the opposite was wildly exciting although she tried to deny it. Their persistence found something sensitive deep inside her pussy and they were tickling it, making it roll into the palm of their hands. Her body twisted and writhed for their pleasure and everyone knew she was coming.

She felt embarrassed that her body performed like a snake but she came and came hard, a feeling she never felt in her life. She hated them for doing it but was again subjected to more deep throating cock sucking and fucking before they came in her mouth and all over her face. Now with nothing left to enjoy, she was useless to them and exposed.
The leader pounced on top of her after throwing her back onto the bed and strangled her as hard as he could, pinning her down by the neck as her strong, athletic legs violently thrashed behind him. He buried her life before him, feeling her quiver in fear of facing death which floated closer. The force of his grip forced her tongue forward and her sensitive pussy humped the second man’s hard fingers. She quivered and tried to come one more time and succeeded before the relentless pressure on her throat broke her neck when he twisted her face to the side.
Drool flowed from her mouth as he continued to strangle her until she stopped twitching…then they both carried her out a side door to place her in the trunk of their van. When the sun goes down they will drive her to a remote wooded area where her delicious pussy and plump ass will be enjoyed by a pack of coyotes used to consuming human female flesh.

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Psycho Thrillers – The Ultimate Price

Starring Kasey Warner, Tyler Nixon & Axel Aces

A man is driven by a thirst for revenge when his little brother is critically injured in a car accident he believes was caused by his ex-girlfriend Iris. Iris and Jason dated through high school and got engaged after they graduated.

Iris cheated on Jason for over a year before eventually breaking off the engagement when she met and started dating a middle-aged man after she started college. Besides dating an older man, she further added insult to injury by driving around in a brand new car her date bought for her. Jason couldn’t take the stress and humiliation and began drinking which led to Jason getting into a serious car accident which landed him in the hospital fighting for his life.

When Iris heard of Jason’s accident, she didn’t bother to visit him and this enraged Jason’s older brother Alex, who now feels Iris should pay the ultimate price. He enlisted the help of a childhood friend to help him after he revealed the truth and, after careful consideration, he decided the help him. The next week, Alex broke into Iris’ car and hid in the backseat.

When Iris sat inside her vehicle, she was chloroformed and rendered unconscious before being carried away and tucked inside an SUV and driven away. Iris is then fondled and repeatedly raped by both men who ripped open her clothing, roughly finger fucked her, jammed their cocks down her throat repeatedly, bottle raped her twice and fucked her in many positions.

The sexual attack lasted all day with iris trying to escape, trying to fight back before she was reduced to a quivering, weakened mess. Moments later, iris was lifted off her knees and brutally strangled to death on the very bed she was raped on and sexually fingered as she died, helping her to a final orgasm before she expired and was carried away.

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Psycho Thrillers – Scary Straight

Starring: Alexa Raye, Jack Vegas

A young girl is flirting on the phone with a guy. Her door is a little bit open and her dad is listening to the whole conversation.
Later that day her dad is on the phone with her mom/ his ex. Telling her how he is worried about his daughter. She suggest him to use a “scared straight” service. 

He goes online and browses for a service like that. Finally he places a call, and talks about safety and cost, results. Later that day Alexa walks to the kitchen, passing by the computer. She sees what’s up. So she knows her parents try to scare her. 

One day she wakes up on a bench in some garage. A guy turns the light on, and she starts yelling at him to let her go. She know it’s a set up because she had seen the “scared straight” service on her dad’s computer. 
However this was no make-believe…without knowing it, her dad had hired a sex killer.

He raped the girl on the bench and then he wrapped garrote around her neck and strangled her to death. Then he finished what he started and fucked her dead body, finally cumming on her ass. 

Afterward he called her dad, pretending to call off the appointment, before waiting for the next customer to call.

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Psycho Thrillers – Night Home Invasion 3

A young woman is attacked after returning to her home after a night of partying. She is confronted by a masked and gloved man in her bathroom and led back to her bed at knifepoint where she is tied up with her own panties and sexually assaulted. Moments later, he snaps the girl’s neck then continues to fuck her dead corpse until he blows a wad of semen all over her young belly.

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Psycho Thrillers – Live Stream Job

Starring: Dolly Leigh, Anthony

A masked guy who wants to hide his identity is on computer enjoying some life streaming. His discussing with clients: Astrokill, Grace X, Timothy and Julia X about their custom request for his new pray. 

He has a girl passed out on sofa. The masked killer set up his computer for life streaming and follows the customer’s orders.

He starts molesting girl breasts and her pussy when she is still passed out. He is stroking his dick with her feet right before he sticks his dick inside her.

After some fucking, the girl/pray starts to wake up so he places his hand on her neck to choke her a little and have better control. 

When girl wakes up she starts to defend herself and tries to escape but the killer’s strong grip on her neck had full control of her. He tosses her around, flips her back towards him and showed her a garrote. The pray/girl was in shock and before she even reacts to it he wrapped it around her neck and starts strangling her. 

She puts up a fight, but the killer is just playing around with her. He adjusts his grip, stick his dick back inside her and starts strangling her and fucks her until she is dead. 

When girl is dead he continue fucking her pussy from behind. Than he fucks her feet and pops all over her ass. He gives his fans a last look of his job … until next torture and rape.

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Psycho Thrillers – Second To No One Part 2

starring Chloe Amour, Norah Nova & Eric John

With Sarah gone, he waits for her roommate Tammy, who helped to put him in prison for 10 years. Tom confronts her and exacts his revenge, stripping her and raping her over the corpse of her dead girlfriend; then, after removing Sarah’s body, he goes after Tammy who tries to kick him away and escape. He grabs her hanging nylon stocking and uses it to wrap around her throat and take her down hard, strangling the life from her pretty body. Tired, he plays with both bodies before grabbing his things and leaving the crime scene.

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