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Psycho Thrillers – Last Dance

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Starring: Hannah Hayes, Tommy Pistol

A professional hip-hop dancer is hired for a new model. He teaches her some new moves, and afterward they start to get intimate. They are making out when her agent walks in. The agent is angry and fires the dance teacher. He accuses him of trying to fuck every girl he gives lessons to. 
He also yells at the new girl, but she does not show him any respect. In fact she laughs at him. The agent snaps, grabbing her by the neck, pinning her to the wall and choking her. She tries to get free and they fight hard, with the agent finally getting behind her and snapping her neck. He tosses her dead body on the bed and fucks her corpse. Then he calls his disposal guy to come and get rid of her body. Her really needs to find dancers with less attitude.

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Psycho Thrillers – PTSD

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Starring: Zoe Clark, Tommy Pistol, Jack Vegas

A couple is sleeping. The guy is tossing his head from side to side, dreaming about the war. Suddenly he opens his eyes, jumps on top of his wife and starts strangling her with his hands. He is screaming at her, “You fucking bitch you killed my guys, you will die nice and slow!”.

His wife, gasping, tries to fight him. He continues till she almost passes out. Then he stops and goes back to sleep. Wife gasps for her breath, coughs and catches her breath. Then she rolls against the headboard and cries watching her husband sleep. In the morning he sees the handprints on her neck and he asks her if was it him again. She says yes and starts cry. He gets upset and calls his doctor. 

Later that day they are in doctor’s office. Lily is talking to the doctor. Telling him things got worse. Doctor uncovers her scarf and sees the markings on her neck. He tells her he can increase his medication but things might get even worse before they get better. He recommends she move out with her friends or parents for a couple of weeks.

Jack takes his pills as soon as they got home. Later that day Lily packs her case to go to her mom’s. They both agreed it is best for her safety. Before she leaves they make love and afterwards they fall sleep. Jack wakes up again, grabs the scarf wrapped around her neck and starts strangling her. But this time he finishes her off. When she is dead he lies next to her and falls asleep again. 

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Psycho Thrillers – Killer Dream

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Starring: Ashley Lane, Talon Time: 17:05 Minutes Size: 1.33 GB

Rated XXX Explicit

A female assassin has recurring dreams of being overpowered, sexually assaulted, and murdered

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Psycho Thrillers – Pantyhose Killer

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Starring: Mahina Zaltana, Reno Time: 31:37 Minutes Size: 1.43 GB

Rated Hard R, Violence and Sexual Situations

A sensual MILF wearing pantyhose does yoga and chores around the house, and is assaulted and erotically murdered by a pantyhose fetishist.

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Psycho Thrillers – Ray Donovan 2

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Starring: Ashley Lane, Jack Vegas, Anthony Navarro
Rating: Explicit XXX

A man accidentally kills his girlfriend during sex, gets a second man to help dispose of the body, but they fight and the killer ends up dead too. The second man has necrosex with the dead girlfriend and sets it up to look like they killed each other.

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Psycho Thrillers – Hitman

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Starring: Ashley Lane, Anthony Navarro, Jack Vegas 

Rated X with mostly R elements: One explicit sex scene, focus is on story and erotic murder

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Psycho Thrillers – Hollywood Scandal Part 1, 2 & 3

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Starring: Hannah Hays, Tommy Pistol, Jon Jon

The producer and his assistant come back into the bedroom where they have tied the actress. They take pictures of her, though she tries to turn her head and face away from the camera. The producer tells her there are three cameras in the room – that this is her chance to be the star of her own movie.
He then caresses and molests her, inviting his assistant to join him. Though her gag she pleads for them to stop. Finally ones gets scissors and cuts off completely her bra and panties and throws them off the bed. Her pussy is fingered and licked. 

They use a dildo and hatachi on her, bringing her to a forced orgasm. She lies on the bed exhausted whimpering. They remove her cuffs and drag her roughly off the bed to her knees. They cuff her hands behind her, spank her, and tell her she must cooperate. They choke her and give her forced oral. 
Eventually she is thrown on the bed, the restraints are taken off her wrists, freeing her arms. They force her to her hands and knees for more hard oral. One guy gets behind her and fucks her. While she whimpers and begs, they take her in multiple positions. Finally she is tied again spread-eagle, left crying and weakly struggling. 

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Psycho Thrillers – Partners In Crime

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Two guys are close friends and share a deadly trait…they both love to strangle and rape all types of women.  One of them likes to rape them while they are alive, enjoying their terror, their begging and pleading while the other immediately wants them dead so he can enjoy their dead bodies.  In part 1, we see how the killer grabs his victims, how he interacts with his partner and what he enjoys most about his victims.  Part 2 will cover the necrophilia aspect with his partner.

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Download full version of Psycho Thrillers – HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION.
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Jennifer White plays a home owners association executive tasked with resolving repeated neighbor complaints about excessive noise and visitors at all times of the night primarily from one neighbor whose house is directly next to the alleged home. Full of confidence, she requests to be let in only to encounter another man she did not know was living there. Remaining calm, she takes a seat and talks to the home owner about the list of complaints. His stubbornness towards resolving the issues and his friend’s sexual comments towards her inflames her and compels her to threaten the home owner with eviction.

As she prepares to leave, she is surprised from behind by the home owner who grabs her and forces her down the hall and into his bedroom where they tear off her clothing and tie her up. Both men fondle her with the intent of fucking her for a long time when there is another knock at the door. They tie her and gag her then answer the door, only to discover it is their neighbor. Snug and arrogant, she demands to be let in to meet with the home agent and is led down a hall to the bedroom where she finds the agent tied up and naked. The neighbors yells out then tries to escape, making a mad dash towards the door but one of the men captures her and carries her fighting body back to the bedroom where she too is gagged and tied to the bed after being stripped naked.

Both women are thoroughly raped then brought out the bedroom to have their fates decided. Once they decide to rid themselves of the women, they carry them back into the bedroom, smacking their asses and looking forward to more good times. After playing with them, the leader of both men has a change of heart and decides to snap his victim’s neck and encourages his partner to do the same. His shock turns to desperation when his victim goes for the gun on the edge of the bed. In the struggle, his partner breaks her neck, killing her instantly. Both victims are left naked, bruised and twitching on the bed in silence.

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