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PKF Studios – Insidious Trap

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Starring Riley Reyes

She got the call that her perp had been seen entering this home in the flats. She entered the backdoor and crept quietly through the house. No one here.

She came to to him forcing his cock in her face. She was a cop….a detective and a damn good one. But she was scare. No gun. Cuffed behind her back. She relented and gagged and sucked on his cock. Then…then he did the worse thing she thought would ever happen to her. He raped her.

When it was over, she was relieved…for a moment. Only, he was not done with her. This man, she remembered, was a brutal killer her year serving on the force would not protect her–he would kill her now. He wrapped a cord around her neck. She knew it was over. There was nothing she could do.

His cock was hard and he got right to stripping her. He still left her pant curled up on one leg, her belt, holster and badge on full display. Then he ravaged her corpse. Fucking her in multiple positions, hard, fast and deep until he came within her.

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PKF Studios – Bank Heist 3

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Starring Lily H.

After deciding that a gun was too loud, they set about strangling her. One of the guys did the deed, while the other, with obvious pent up frustration over her, trash talked and touched her.

It was a long, tedious strangle of a girl who must of worked hard on her neck muscles, because once she was dead, the guy was exhausted and did not realize his partner was going to kill him…which he did, ironically with a loud gunshot.

Later, he had her on her back for classic missionary as he build himself up to a creamy conclusion all over her cooling breasts and belly. Satisfied, he left to go scoop up the cash and head out of the country. He would maybe visit Napal—he’d heard the Mt Everest climb was perfect for complete novices like himself.

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PKF Studios – Sneaky Fuckery

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Black Widow is spying on an evil arms dealer named Bronson. She’s searching for some incriminating documents, when the villain sneaks up behind her with a devious new chemical weapon. The toxin incapacitates Black Widow, allowing the sick creep to have his way with her gorgeous body.

He slowly caresses her through her tight costume, before heading directly to her lovely feet. It seems Bronson has something of a foot fetish. He admires Black Widow’s soft feet, before sandwiching them around his hard cock and fucking the superheroines super soles.

Next, Bronson strips Black Widow nude, especially savoring her perky little titties and plump ass. The horny arms dealer shoves his big howitzer in the superheroines lovely pussy, reveling in its defilement. He can’t believe how well his new chemical works, allowing him to use this formidable super spy like a real sex doll.

As if on queue, Black Widow suddenly comes to. He clamps a strong hand over the groggy superheroine’s mouth and pounds her pussy harder, making sure he gets to bust his nut. Then, before Black Widow can fully wake up and fight back with all of her skills, Bronson thinks fast, grabbing his leather belt and using it as a makeshift garrote. The sleepy superheroine stands no chance against the cruel villain. Bronson strangles her and leaves her nude corpse for the Avengers to find.

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PKF Studios – Dead Teen POV

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Starring Harmony Wonder

The hot teen sits on a non-descript sofa in a home or studio and is candidly interviewed by the director.
She is small, petite, cute and just the perfect type of girl for this popular reality POV series. Her answers are cute and intelligent, cementing her personality with the audience enough that when she is ready for action, the audience is excited and hopeful to see her perform.

Suddenly, as the director announcing that now she will be doing a video for Dead Teen POV, the talent wraps a garrote around her tiny next and starts strangling her.

At one point she manages to break free, crawling frantically toward the director begging for her life before she is wretched back into a seated position on the sofa and brutally strangled until dead.
After it is over, the talent then spends plenty of time fucking her gaping teen mouth, then fucking her pussy hole in multiple positions until filling her up with his jizz.

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PKF Studios – Leotard Sentry

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Starring Harmony Wonder

A sentry, in her special uniform, stands guard. She wears a mask to keep the toxins out. Her job is important and she will protect her position with her deadly class of fighting skills.
It takes several minutes to kill her and he is exhausted when the job is complete. In filtrating this facility had been easy until this girl. All the others went down quick. And none of them were so compelling as her. As he was strangling her, feeling her body rubbing against him, he knew he would have to have her.

He did not waste time. He explored her a bit, tasting her pussy, then pulling the fabric of her leotard to one side, he let his cock explore her tight pussy. He fucked her for a while missionary, then put her up on her knees and spend the remaining time fucking her doggy style.

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PKF Studios – Fatal Consequence

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“Fatal Consequence”
Starring Shavelle Love

She figured out a way to get a more money and do less work. When her flirty boss inferred that she would net advancement at work for sex, she decided to go for it. Unfortunately, it did not go well and she ended up having to blackmail him. What’s done is done. Now she can sit around and get a paycheck. Or, so she thought. A man burst into her apartment, looking for the “so called” tape–a video of the encounter–she was using to as leverage. Only, she really did not make it. It was a bluff. 

Now, she had a gun in her mouth and she could see the errors in her thinking. Fuck. Too late. This goon meant business, and beat the shit out of her, cuffed her, and strangled her with a belt til she was nearly out. Then he takes her to the bedroom for some serious compelling.
She was ready to talk of course. Ready to give up, just to live though this. The man did not care. He was in in for the pain and deviance. He put her though the paces. Periodically choking her. Twisting her nipples, pulling her hair. Cutting her clothing. Fingering her. Using a bottle on her. Tazering her.

When he was done, she was a mess, and it was time to fuck her. He fucked her mouth for a bit the moved on to her. He pounded her in various positions until she curled up into a ball, savaged and exhausted. One more thing. A final blowjob to make him happy. And she did it, thinking he would let her go. Only, he had other plans as he lifted her up by the next and tossed her on the bed. Then he was on her, throttling her, watching her thrash, kick and spasm until she was a hollow dead shell. 

Still wanting more, he fucked her corpse until he unloaded inside her. Looking over her phone, there might be someone else still to kill. Who knows. He leaves.

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PKF Studios – Easy Victim

Download the movie PKF Studios – Easy Victim.
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“Easy Victim”
Starring Kate Kenzi
Directed by JohnM

A sadistic man stalks his next prey, hiding behind a friendly smile and silver tongue, looking for an easy victim. They’re always so simple to find; a little flattery and a good backstory convinces them to go with him for some fun. Once he gets them alone, he drugs them with a substance that makes them easy to control and willing to follow his depraved demands. Dressing them up like dolls in sexy lingerie and fishnets, he binds they’re hands behind their back and shoves his cock into any hole he wants to. They won’t stop him. So complete is this control, that he can even order them to kill themselves, so he can fuck their still warm corpses. Watch what he does to his latest victim, if you don’t believe me. 

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