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Pro Villain Productions – Midnight Snack

Lovely long legged Ashley Lane goes down to the kitchen for a late night snack. She’s wearing only her satin teddy and a satin robe. She prowls around the kitchen looking for a sweet thing, but somebody is already prowling this house. A burglar steps up behind her with a knife! He holds it to her throat. Ashley doesn’t dare scream as he starts slash at her teddy and paw at her defenseless body. If she wakes her family, he might kill them too! He forces her into a chair and ties her hands with the shredded ribbons of silk. Ashley begs and pleads but he holds the knife firm to her throat and forces his cock past her trembling lips and into her mouth. The burglar uses her mouth for his pleasure while poor Ashley sobs and cries.

Then he repositions her, tying her on all fours to the chair. He shreds the remainder of her robe away, and too late Ashley realizes what’s going to happen next. She still can’t scream but she softly begs, tears streaming down her face as he steps up behind her. The intruder rapes her from behind, taking her hard and fierce, pounding into her fine pussy as the knife slides up and down her naked back. Ashley can do nothing to stop him as the rape goes on and on. Finally he pulls out and shoots a massive load all across her naked ass and back. Ashley just keeps quietly sobbing as the burglar leaves her there for her family to find in the morning, naked and tied up with his cum cooling on her ass.

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Pro Villain Productions – Kat Dior Double Crossed

In this little story Kat Dior plays a trophy wife who’s had enough of her rich husband. She contracts a specialist to make him disappear. She figures a little flirting and a big payment and he’ll do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for Kat, her husband got to this Villain first and gave him a better assignment. A quick jab in the neck with a stun gun and she’s out like a light. The Villain takes his time stripping her and tying her up, taking plenty of photos for her husband as he works. Then once she’s securely bound and gagged he pulls her to her knees. Kat begins to awaken just as the Villain is shoving his spit-slick cock into her pussy. She groans into her gag but can’t stop him as he takes full advantage of the situation, eventually cumming deep inside her belly. Then it’s another shock from the stun gun to get her ready for transport so she can start her new life as a sex slave to the highest bidder. The good news? She’s totally free of her husband! Be careful what you wish for…

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Pro Villain Productions – Forced Maids

Nicki Hunter and Britney Amber dressed in skimpy French Maid outfits, bitching about their job and their boss. Little do they know I’m watching and listening. Soon Britney gets a chloroform rag to the face, and Nicki gets a bat to the back of her head! They awaken bound and gagged and subject to my whim. I taunt and tease them both, slapping their faces and breasts, then start choking each of them in turn, almost to the point of passing out. They scream and struggle to no avail, and soon are to weak to resist what you KNOW is coming next…

Enough teasing! I rape each of my victims in turn, first face-fucking Britney Amber, then bending her over and raping her from behind while Nicki Hunter is forced to watch. Then I leave her bound and gagged and move on to rape Nicki up against a wall, with a gun in her mouth. Finally I sit her down and force her to suck my cock and drink my cum at gunpoint! She swallows every drop, terrified and miserable. Then I leave both girls bound and gagged outside, half-naked on their knees, with “Free Fuck” signs on their breasts. Come on over and have a slice!

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Pro Villain Productions – Dorothy Laine Raped

Dorothy awakens from her erotic nightmare and starts to get out of bed when her Intruder races up and puts a chloroform rag over her mouth. Perhaps her dream isn’t over after all! She struggles but can’t breath and eventually succumbs to the drug. Her Intruder tears her nightgown away and binds her arms behind her back. She comes to just as he is forcing his cock between her sweet luscious lips. Dorothy resists but she is no match for her Intruder and she must suck his cock. He pulls out and fucks her tits for a while while she glares at him in rage and fear, but soon he grabs her hair and forces her mouth back to his cock. Will this nightmare never end for poor Dorothy?

Dorothy’s Intruder yanks her roughly from her knees and bends her over the bedside. He rips her panties away and brutally thrusts his cock into her from behind. She screams and cries but cannot resist him as he rapes her. It seems to go on forever until he cums deep inside her ravaged pussy, fists knotted in her hair. Slowly Dorothy awakens from her erotic nightmare. She looks around in a daze until she sees the ropes on the floor. It WAS a dream… wasn’t it???

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Pro Villain Productions – Rachel Roxxx in Captured Cop

Rookie Cop Rachel thinks she can take on the Villain by herself. He easily takes her gun, cuffs her with her own handcuffs, and starts molesting her. She talks back sassy, her fiesty spirit not easily broken, but can’t stop him from opening her uniform and scooping out her breasts so he can lick and suck at her nipples. She is disgusted but powerless as he has his way with her. Then he soaks a cloth in chloroform and holds it to her face, forcing her to pass out. He lifts her, strips away her uniform and carries her around his lair, her unconscious body limp in his arms, lovely hair hanging down as he decides what to do with her next…

Rachel awakens, hands tied over her head, half-naked. The Villain returns and begins whipping her cruelly, trying to break her fiesty spirit. She won’t give in easily, and as he keeps at her she finally passes out from the pain. When she comes to, she is tied strappado, and the Villain is negotiating her sale as a sex slave on the phone. She is terrified, and begs as he starts whipping her again. Finally he relents, her spirit broken, and lets her suck his cock to avoid more whippings. Then he pushes her to all fours and takes her from behind, rough and hard, filling her with his evil seed.

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Cruel World – A Pleasant Errand

Girl raped and strangled. Today the boss asked the Bald killing one of their couriers, carrying drugs.  He suspected her of collaboration with the rival gang.

The boss said Bald – “do with what you want, but she must be dead”.

Bald replied, “then can I rape her? “

The boss replied – “Of course. Don’t give police samples of your DNA. Do you understand me, hope? “

Bald replied, “Of course! Condoms always with me”…..and laughed.

Bald took with him his favorite set of lock picks and went to the specified address…

Woman courier loved “naughty with a noose around his neck”.
This is her biggest and last mistake in my life…

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Pro Villain Productions – Bank Robbery, Rape and Murder

Christiana Cinn is a bank manager, Chanel Preston her trusty security guard. They are helping one last customer for the night but can’t authorize his transaction and they send him away. Little do they realize he was casing the bank. He returns with a gun and forces Christiana to bind Chanel with duct-tape. Then he binds Christiana as well and molests and threatens them with the gun until he gets the passwords and codes he needs to transfer all their funds to his offshore account. Then, while he’s waiting, for the money to clear, he decides to have a little fun. First he forces Christiana to suck his cock at gunpoint while Chanel watches helplessly. Then he bends Chanel over and rapes her from behind, grunting as he dumps his load into her pussy.

Our bank robber is far from done. He pulls his cock from Chanel’s ruined pussy and makes her suck him back to hardness. Then he turns his attention on Christiana. Just to make sure he has her full attention he shoves the barrel of his gun up her pussy. Then he rapes her while Chanel watches and sobs. After the cruel Villain cums all over Christiana’s ass, Chanel tries to make a break for it. The robber catches her and forces her to watch while he strangles Christiana to death as punishment. Chanel is horrified and begs for her own life. The robber makes her suck his cock at gunpoint, shooting his entire load into her mouth. But when Chanel fails to swallow it all he strangles her as well. Then he poses the bodies in each other’s arms, smashes the office computer, and leaves while the camera pans over the poor ruined girls lying dead on the floor.

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Pro Villian Productions – Chanel Preston Raped

Gorgeous Chanel Preston is hosting a dinner party. She steps away for only a moment, into the restroom to freshen up. Her long lovely legs in their stockings are just right, her shiny black heels are perfect. A little black dress clings to her amazing body in all the right places. She primps her hair in the mirror, unaware of the man who has slipped into the restroom with her. He moves in close and she jumps when she finally sees him. Chanel starts to ask him what the hell he’s doing in the women’s restroom, but with a quick flick of his wrist the switchblade springs out, and she is suddenly very quiet and compliant. He slices her dress away to reveal her stunning breasts, then whispers in her ear and kisses her. Chanel whimpers in terror, but he KNOWS she wants him from the way she was (not) looking at him outside.

He KNOWS she wants to be pushed down to her knees before him. His cock comes out and he forces her to beg to suck it. What can poor Chanel do? The knife caresses her cheek as her skillful lips and tongue caress his shaft and balls, increasing his certainty that she truly wants this. Then he grabs her neck and twists her around to all fours, rubbing his glistening wet cock against her exposed pussy. What will happen next? He makes her say it: “You’re going to fuck me” but that’s not enough. The knife rends her dress to tatters that barely cling to her as he makes her beg for it. Finally he gives it to her, at first slowly, savoring every tight hot inch of her, then harder, faster, more and more brutal. Finally he forces her to beg him to cum inside her, and as she sobs in horror he rams balls deep into her, dumping his full load of cum into her undefended womb. He shreds the final remains of her dress and leaves her there on the bathroom floor, curled up in a ball, naked, brutalized, crying, and oozing his cum from her violated pussy.

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Pro Villain Productions – Lexi Belle in Pleasure Slave

Tim Woodman has received a very expensive, very special package today. He opens the box, and within he finds his new slave, Lexi Belle! She is tied hands and feet, cleave-gagged, dressed in a cheerleader outfit. He takes her out of her crate and sits her on a sofa. She stares at him, terrified but submissive, as he removes the gag and explains that she is his slave, bought and paid for. She begs him not to hurt her like her last Master, and he tells her that depends on her obedience to him. Then he starts to kiss and caress her while she lies terrified and helpless under his forceful hands. What will poor Slave Lexi’s fate be, in the hands of her new Master?

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rough Therapy

The ONE and ONLY legendary pornstar Tyler Faith stars as a well-intentioned, large breasted therapist who thinks she can cure a Pro-Villain of his tendencies towards rape & force. What do you suppose happens to her? Well DUH she gets tied up at knifepoint & stripped. Some nasty blackmail photos are taken, then she’s forced to suck cock, and finally she’s raped right on her own damn desk!

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