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Teraz Films – Hijacked Stewardesses

Starring Ally Angel & Cindy Dollar

Two snooty air stewardesses are aboard a passenger flight over darkest Africa. Suddenly one of the passengers has had enough of their haughty attitude and decides to teach the pair a lesson. Pulling a gun on them he makes them strip naked.

They are forced to grind their breasts and pussies for the entertainment of the passengers. With their humiliation complete the hijacker decides that its time to throw them off the plane. Naked and handcuffed the buxotic babes are marched to the galley. The door is slide open and 100s of feet below they can see their fate. Naked and trembling, they titter in the door way. Time to say bye bye as the Hijacker kicks them unceremoniously out of the plane.

The two stewardesses have been stripped and kicked out of their plane.

After hurtling thousands of feet through the clouds, their fall is miraculously saved by their own airbags. Naked and lost in a dark foreboding jungle – Stewardess Ally starts to wonder through the jungle, only to hear an ominous roar. She is not alone. Something very large is approaching.

Suddenly into the clearing arrives a huge gorilla and he’s found his perfect mate. The furry monster forces Ally to suck his giant cock.  She takes the pulsating phallus, deep into her mouth. Again and again he thrusts. She thinks, maybe if she can satiate his libido she will survive. What choice does she have, as his huge cock ravages her dripping holes. But in an orgasmic frenzy the gorilla breaks her neck and the stewardess falls lifeless to the ground. As if in a strange jungle ritual, the Gorilla shoots its simian spunk all over her dead, naked body.

Meanwhile, stewardess Cindy is just coming around. Bruised and broken, she finally manages to stand and walk off to try to find civilization. But just then she hears a mighty roar. Will she suffer the same fate as her female colleague?

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Kinky Love Story – Sexual Murders 4: The Hunted Young Chick

A young chick is gymnastics on the field.A persecuted criminal lurked on that place.The girl did not know that she is on dangerous place.The man caught sight of the gymnastics girl.The stranger was watching the girl from the bush.Looked at the graceful gentle body of the chick.The man started to hunt the girl.The evil man pursued the fugitive girl through minutes.The chick ran in into a ruined house.The man followed the girl there.The chick had to bear hard torments.The evil guy did not want to kill the girl.But the girl died because of the rough strangulation.The man then fucked the dead girl’s body.

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Kinky Love Story – Sexual Murders 1: Robbery In The Parking

Short description of the story:
I saw a pretty, young girl in the car park.
I knew I need this girl.
I pressed a chloroformic shawl to the girl’s face, I took this beauty home then.
I enjoyed the beauty of the female body while the girl slept.
While i played, the girl wake up slowly.
Therefore i had to strangle her.
I unleashed my fantasy then.
I may have made anything with the dead girl’s body, everything what I desired.

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Kinky Love Story – Home Invasion Murder

Sexy young girl Kendra get home. She was out of town shopping.
Kendra lives alone in this big house. She dresses to comfortable clothes.
The girl lights a cigarette, and go out to the terrace. The chick looks at panorama. Later, she adjusts her hair in the bathroom, and wash oneself. Then she sits on the couch in the living room and watching TV.
Kendra falls asleep. A wanted thief wants to break into the house, while Kendra is asleep. The evil guy look in the window and sees the sexi girl. He goes into the house. He brutalize the pretty young girl, and ultimately strangle Kendra (Warning! Very brutal scenes!) The ski masked man takes off the dead girl’s panties, and inserting hard penis in dead Kendra’s pussy.
Begins a very kinky game!!!

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Kinky Love Story – Molestation In The Forest

Katie is walking in the forest… A man watches her. He likes the girl. He feels a sexual desire. Behind Katie sneaks, and he strikes her with a stick.
She faints. The man takes the girl home. Undresses the body. He binds Katie’s body. Katie wake up and is afraid very much. She tries to escape. But the man strangles her. The killer in more positions fucks the corpse.  He shoots sperm onto Katie’s face finally.

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Kinky Love Story – Sexual Murders: The Cruel Visitor

The girl looked at a film at home alone, when her boy friend arrived.The chick wanted to watch the film longer, but the guy wanted to fuck. Young persons quarreled, and the boy was throttling the girl until long time. Chick was not able to breathe because her throat was being squashed.The girl died slowly. The guy fucked the dead girl’s immobile body. He left the lifeless body after he did his job

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Kinky Love Story – Sexual Murders 3: The Strangled Housewife

The girl was cleaning up in the house.The cruel man crept in on the back door.The stranger attacked the inattentive woman.This merciless man destroyed the girl’s weak body rudely.The girl died of her injuries during the scuffle.Then the burglar with the dead girl’s body,  made it what he wanted.Nobody disturbed him in his ill game because he knew that the girl’s husband gets home in the evening only.

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