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Pro Villain Productions – Bank Robbery, Rape and Murder

Christiana Cinn is a bank manager, Chanel Preston her trusty security guard. They are helping one last customer for the night but can’t authorize his transaction and they send him away. Little do they realize he was casing the bank. He returns with a gun and forces Christiana to bind Chanel with duct-tape. Then he binds Christiana as well and molests and threatens them with the gun until he gets the passwords and codes he needs to transfer all their funds to his offshore account. Then, while he’s waiting, for the money to clear, he decides to have a little fun. First he forces Christiana to suck his cock at gunpoint while Chanel watches helplessly. Then he bends Chanel over and rapes her from behind, grunting as he dumps his load into her pussy.

Our bank robber is far from done. He pulls his cock from Chanel’s ruined pussy and makes her suck him back to hardness. Then he turns his attention on Christiana. Just to make sure he has her full attention he shoves the barrel of his gun up her pussy. Then he rapes her while Chanel watches and sobs. After the cruel Villain cums all over Christiana’s ass, Chanel tries to make a break for it. The robber catches her and forces her to watch while he strangles Christiana to death as punishment. Chanel is horrified and begs for her own life. The robber makes her suck his cock at gunpoint, shooting his entire load into her mouth. But when Chanel fails to swallow it all he strangles her as well. Then he poses the bodies in each other’s arms, smashes the office computer, and leaves while the camera pans over the poor ruined girls lying dead on the floor.

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Pro Villian Productions – Chanel Preston Raped

Gorgeous Chanel Preston is hosting a dinner party. She steps away for only a moment, into the restroom to freshen up. Her long lovely legs in their stockings are just right, her shiny black heels are perfect. A little black dress clings to her amazing body in all the right places. She primps her hair in the mirror, unaware of the man who has slipped into the restroom with her. He moves in close and she jumps when she finally sees him. Chanel starts to ask him what the hell he’s doing in the women’s restroom, but with a quick flick of his wrist the switchblade springs out, and she is suddenly very quiet and compliant. He slices her dress away to reveal her stunning breasts, then whispers in her ear and kisses her. Chanel whimpers in terror, but he KNOWS she wants him from the way she was (not) looking at him outside.

He KNOWS she wants to be pushed down to her knees before him. His cock comes out and he forces her to beg to suck it. What can poor Chanel do? The knife caresses her cheek as her skillful lips and tongue caress his shaft and balls, increasing his certainty that she truly wants this. Then he grabs her neck and twists her around to all fours, rubbing his glistening wet cock against her exposed pussy. What will happen next? He makes her say it: “You’re going to fuck me” but that’s not enough. The knife rends her dress to tatters that barely cling to her as he makes her beg for it. Finally he gives it to her, at first slowly, savoring every tight hot inch of her, then harder, faster, more and more brutal. Finally he forces her to beg him to cum inside her, and as she sobs in horror he rams balls deep into her, dumping his full load of cum into her undefended womb. He shreds the final remains of her dress and leaves her there on the bathroom floor, curled up in a ball, naked, brutalized, crying, and oozing his cum from her violated pussy.

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Pro Villain Productions – Lexi Belle in Pleasure Slave

Tim Woodman has received a very expensive, very special package today. He opens the box, and within he finds his new slave, Lexi Belle! She is tied hands and feet, cleave-gagged, dressed in a cheerleader outfit. He takes her out of her crate and sits her on a sofa. She stares at him, terrified but submissive, as he removes the gag and explains that she is his slave, bought and paid for. She begs him not to hurt her like her last Master, and he tells her that depends on her obedience to him. Then he starts to kiss and caress her while she lies terrified and helpless under his forceful hands. What will poor Slave Lexi’s fate be, in the hands of her new Master?

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rough Therapy

The ONE and ONLY legendary pornstar Tyler Faith stars as a well-intentioned, large breasted therapist who thinks she can cure a Pro-Villain of his tendencies towards rape & force. What do you suppose happens to her? Well DUH she gets tied up at knifepoint & stripped. Some nasty blackmail photos are taken, then she’s forced to suck cock, and finally she’s raped right on her own damn desk!

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Pro Villain Productions – Tyler Faith in Rich Bitch Raped

Tyler Faith (who is in real life a total sweetie) plays a rich bitch who finds herself in an empty garage, her car stolen, no reception on her cell phone. Just then a Villain rolls up (in a bitchin Firebird) to help her out, but he decides to tie her up and rape her at knifepoint instead. I just LOVE it when rich girls cry in terror while they’re forced to suck cock!

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Pro Villain Productions – Jessica Jaymes in Busted

Jessica Jaymes is a bitchy DA who is hot on the trail of Tim’s Slave Ring, until he breaks in on her and holds a gun to her head! He forces her to strip while she glares at him, then attaches a dog-collar to her neck, and handcuffs to her wrists. Watch her shriek and curse as he rapes her from behind, but don’t worry, Tim will break this hardassed bitch soon enough…

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Crime House – I Spit On Your Grave

StarringAnastasia, Katolina, Hass, Kit

Katolina met a guy in night club and he raped her during afterparty. She was in shock and went to her friends with her drama. 3 girls decided to revenge. They invite a guy for sexparty where he was injected to the neck. Girls wanted to torture and kill him but stupid girls forgot to tie and bondage him. He went up and…

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Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 2

Starring: Mouna Leesa and Conor Coxxx

Mouna Leesa hops out of her sports car and strides confidently into her house. She kicks off her shoes and lets out a sigh when suddenly, the doorbell rings. Strange, she wasn’t expecting anyone.

Mouna steps cautiously down the stairs and opens the door. Suddenly, she is face to face with a gun held by Conor Coxxx. She stumbles back onto the stairs, frightened. Conor demands she behave and does exactly what he says. His first order is for her to get up the stairs. Mouna crawls backward up the steps and he follows close behind.

Conor forces her to her feet and step into the middle of the room. Then he tells her to take her clothes off. She reluctantly complies, taking off her shirt and shorts. Conor is disappointed and tells her she isn’t done yet. She is truly frightened and vulnerable now, taking off her last bits of clothing and shaking with fear. 

Conor reaches down and unzips his fly. She knows what he wants her to do next. She quivers as she goes down to her knees and reaches into his pants and pulls out his cock. She starts sucking his dick gently, all the while he holds the gun to her head. Any minute he would kill her. 

After a while, she decides it is time to really step up her game. Maybe if she pleases him he will let her go. She begins to really work on his dick as hard as she can and he begins to feel and orgasm coming. Just when he’s about to cum he pulls the trigger, and her head snaps backward from the force of the bullet! He takes over where she left off and cums on her corpse.

Satisfied, Conor pulls up his pants and leaves, her body still on its knees on the floor. 

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Truly Rough Productions – Cut Caroline

Starring: Caroline De Jaie and Conor Coxxx

Conor has had a bad day. He stews at the table alone, not knowing that his girl, Caroline, is about to surprise him. She appears dressed to the nines, with two drinks in hand. His day just got a little bit better.

She takes a seat next to him, and they share a silent toast, but he doesn’t care about the drink. They begin kissing, and she removes her dress, pulls down his pants and gives him a glorious blow job. They fuck in all manner of different positions, and he cums on her belly.

Caroline lays back down on the table, satisfied. Meanwhile, Conor goes behind the table and fetches a knife. He looms over her, positioning the knife just above her throat and just as she’s about the open her eyes, he slices right across her neck!

Her hands immediately reach up, trying to stop the blood loss, but her blood still manages to leak through her fingers. She desperately tries to hang on, but she cannot stop death any longer. Blood seems into her mouth, and she slowly dies on the table, the gifted drinks spilled near her corpse. 

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Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 3

Starring: Amanda Marie, Severian

Amanda is at home alone getting ready to make some coffee when a knock comes at the door. She is confused, as she was not expecting anyone, and goes to the door and finds herself face to face with a man holding a gun.

The man forces Amanda back into her home at gunpoint and asks where her valuables are. She gestures at the counter where her purse is. Keeping the gun trained on her, the man searches her purse and wallet and finds nothing of value. He yells at her, frustrated. 

Amanda offers to do “other things” for the man instead. He tells her to take her clothes off. She begins by lowering her hood, revealing her bald head. The man is somewhat phased by this, but tells her to continue. 

She removes her hoodie and jeans, and begins to get self-conscious. The man sternly tells her to continue. She removes her bra and panties, and covers up at first. But then, something changes in her and she uncovers, revealing herself defiantly to her attacker. The man unzips his pants, reminding her what she agreed to do.

Amanda strides over to the man, kneels down, undoes his pants and disgustedly begins to give him a blowjob all while a gun is up against her head. She works hard to please him, hoping once he’s satisfied he will go away. Instead, once he cums in her mouth, the gun goes off!

Her body tenses up, frozen in time for her last moments before finally going limp, sitting upright before him. He gently nudges her head away from him, watching his cum drip from her mouth. He then buttons his pants back up and walks out of the home, planning on visiting the neighbors next…

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