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Jerky Wives – Melanie Hicks in End of Shift

Officer Hicks has just finished a 12 hour shift and she’s fucking exhausted. Sitting on the edge of her bed letting the rough day go she doesn’t hear the men creeping into her room until it’s too late. With a grunt she’s attacked, her weapon taken, overpowered by two strong attackers. “Let me go! Leave me alone.” she screams as she’s bound by her own handcuffs and stripped.

I pull off her uniform amazed by her pink underwear, big fucking tits and fuckable body. Oh this is going to be fun I think as I press her down onto the bed. Every time she yells at me it only makes me want to fuck her more. Shove my cock in her cop mouth and quiet her down. My friend and I take turns fucking her whore mouth and tight pussy until she’s all fucked out. Just to humiliate her we cum all over her angry face, making her remember that’s she’s just a little slut for us. We leave her cuffed and destroyed. The lesson for today is always lock your door when you get home.  

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Jerky Wives – Wenona in Bad Brother Bondage Anal

The sister is asleep curled up against her favorite pillow. Her brother sees an opportunity. He slowly pulls back the covers revealing her long legs and panties. He slowly pulls off her panties as to not wake her. As he gets on top of her and ties her hands behind her back. She wakes up, “What the fuck are you doing” she screams but it’s too late.. with one good thrust he starts to fuck her. Her protests are muffled by the pleasure she is feeling and she starts to fuck him back hard. Sister says Brother can cum wherever he wants. Brother quickly shoves his cock inside Sister’s ass and fucks her till he cum. Sister has her first creampie anal. She goes back to sleep with a smile on her face.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Alora Jaymes in Give me The Weapon

Backstory: Lady Venom has learned of a new weapon being developed by the Justice Council to rid the world of her venomous grasp. Leading the project is none other than one of her rivals: Wunder Gurl.  Lady Venom has dispatched one of her henchman to extract the weapon’s location from Wunder Gurl……

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Jerky Wives – Vanessa Cage In Helping My Daughter Stay Good

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