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PKF Studios – Insidious Trap

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Starring Riley Reyes

She got the call that her perp had been seen entering this home in the flats. She entered the backdoor and crept quietly through the house. No one here.

She came to to him forcing his cock in her face. She was a cop….a detective and a damn good one. But she was scare. No gun. Cuffed behind her back. She relented and gagged and sucked on his cock. Then…then he did the worse thing she thought would ever happen to her. He raped her.

When it was over, she was relieved…for a moment. Only, he was not done with her. This man, she remembered, was a brutal killer her year serving on the force would not protect her–he would kill her now. He wrapped a cord around her neck. She knew it was over. There was nothing she could do.

His cock was hard and he got right to stripping her. He still left her pant curled up on one leg, her belt, holster and badge on full display. Then he ravaged her corpse. Fucking her in multiple positions, hard, fast and deep until he came within her.

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PKF Studios – Bank Heist 3

Download and watch PKF Studios – Bank Heist 3 on taboovideos.
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Starring Lily H.

After deciding that a gun was too loud, they set about strangling her. One of the guys did the deed, while the other, with obvious pent up frustration over her, trash talked and touched her.

It was a long, tedious strangle of a girl who must of worked hard on her neck muscles, because once she was dead, the guy was exhausted and did not realize his partner was going to kill him…which he did, ironically with a loud gunshot.

Later, he had her on her back for classic missionary as he build himself up to a creamy conclusion all over her cooling breasts and belly. Satisfied, he left to go scoop up the cash and head out of the country. He would maybe visit Napal—he’d heard the Mt Everest climb was perfect for complete novices like himself.

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PKF Studios – Sneaky Fuckery

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Black Widow is spying on an evil arms dealer named Bronson. She’s searching for some incriminating documents, when the villain sneaks up behind her with a devious new chemical weapon. The toxin incapacitates Black Widow, allowing the sick creep to have his way with her gorgeous body.

He slowly caresses her through her tight costume, before heading directly to her lovely feet. It seems Bronson has something of a foot fetish. He admires Black Widow’s soft feet, before sandwiching them around his hard cock and fucking the superheroines super soles.

Next, Bronson strips Black Widow nude, especially savoring her perky little titties and plump ass. The horny arms dealer shoves his big howitzer in the superheroines lovely pussy, reveling in its defilement. He can’t believe how well his new chemical works, allowing him to use this formidable super spy like a real sex doll.

As if on queue, Black Widow suddenly comes to. He clamps a strong hand over the groggy superheroine’s mouth and pounds her pussy harder, making sure he gets to bust his nut. Then, before Black Widow can fully wake up and fight back with all of her skills, Bronson thinks fast, grabbing his leather belt and using it as a makeshift garrote. The sleepy superheroine stands no chance against the cruel villain. Bronson strangles her and leaves her nude corpse for the Avengers to find.

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PKF Studios – Dead Teen POV

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Starring Harmony Wonder

The hot teen sits on a non-descript sofa in a home or studio and is candidly interviewed by the director.
She is small, petite, cute and just the perfect type of girl for this popular reality POV series. Her answers are cute and intelligent, cementing her personality with the audience enough that when she is ready for action, the audience is excited and hopeful to see her perform.

Suddenly, as the director announcing that now she will be doing a video for Dead Teen POV, the talent wraps a garrote around her tiny next and starts strangling her.

At one point she manages to break free, crawling frantically toward the director begging for her life before she is wretched back into a seated position on the sofa and brutally strangled until dead.
After it is over, the talent then spends plenty of time fucking her gaping teen mouth, then fucking her pussy hole in multiple positions until filling her up with his jizz.

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PKF Studios – Leotard Sentry

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Starring Harmony Wonder

A sentry, in her special uniform, stands guard. She wears a mask to keep the toxins out. Her job is important and she will protect her position with her deadly class of fighting skills.
It takes several minutes to kill her and he is exhausted when the job is complete. In filtrating this facility had been easy until this girl. All the others went down quick. And none of them were so compelling as her. As he was strangling her, feeling her body rubbing against him, he knew he would have to have her.

He did not waste time. He explored her a bit, tasting her pussy, then pulling the fabric of her leotard to one side, he let his cock explore her tight pussy. He fucked her for a while missionary, then put her up on her knees and spend the remaining time fucking her doggy style.

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Cruel World – Short Life 1

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There is a second world war.

Soviet girl partisan captured by the German auxiliary police.
She was brutally tortured and then executed.

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PKF Studios – Airport Assault

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Zoey is a stewardess, she often has long tiring flights across the world with some very disagreeable people, today was alright though. She lands and calls her boyfriend telling her she’s alright, then while walking to her car runs into Miles and Torro, two soldiers that were on her flight, they offer to walk her to her car in thanks for taking care of them.

While walking through the empty airport, Miles see’s an opportunity he can’t let fly, an ajar maintenance door with a lock, he grabs on to Zoey and drags her into the small room. Torro helps him hold her down so he can tie her up, then goes out to make sure nobody comes in.

Miles feels her sexy body struggling against the rope, he bends down and starts to lick her tight pussy, then he puts some duct tape over her mouth and begins to fuck her. 

He pulls on her hair and rams her tight pussy, then flips her over, he starts to massage and play with her feet while he pounds her, he then unties her and fucks her a little more, before making her suck his dick, she takes it in her mouth, struggling and drooling all over until he cums.

Miles decides it’s time for Torro to get his, he knows the sick fuck will finish the job right. Toro comes in and very gingerly gets her to her feet then lays her down. He apologizes for his buddies behavior, then starts to tie her up. She begs him to stop, but he calmly explains that it is necessary and that it will all be over soon.

He starts to wipe her body down with a rag, then pulls out his knife and jams it into her breast. She squeals and chokes, then he stabs her again in the chest, then again until she dead.

The two tired soldiers start to clean up, then put the body in a container with the evidence to get rid of.

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PKF Studios – Inspiration

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Starring Stella Marie and Marie Jane

His plan depended on convincing two naive girls to show up for a kinky video shoot.

That was easy.

Going through with it…..took a little more time. But he had plenty of time to think about it as he watched the two girls, now dosed with ecstasy, performing for him.

They were new to this, but took to it right away. Dressed in sexy lingerie, they kissed and cuddled, licked each other, sucked each other and soon were sucking and fucking him. He know it was going to end soon, but he enjoyed it while it lasted. His mind was made up now, but he would finish the ruse.

They continued, experimenting with strap-ons–again, a first for these girls….so pure, so naive. After they brought each other to mutual orgasms by mashing and rubbing their clits together, he brought out the flogger for some more fun.

Then it was time. When presented with the options, he was surprised how easily the curly haired girl asked for the axe. 

And then, he took her head. She had asked if it would hurt. Silly girl. It came right off with one swing….a pool of blood under her neck stump, her body twitching.

Next, it was time for the other girl to hang. He fingered her a bit, watching her fear grow, then let her drop. She struggled a while and he watched her face contort, her tongue mouth gaping for air, and body twitch and spasm. 

After she was dead, he put her on the bed and fucked her warm corpse until he was satisfied. Exhausted he left to shower–realizing he would have to come back and clean it all up later.

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PKF Studios – Cheating Murder Day

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“Cheating Murder Day”
Starring Daizy Cooper

It was that time a year again…Murder Day. Or, at least it was. 2 minutes ago it officially ended. But, he felt like cheating and the bitch that was about to come back to her hotel room where he was waiting, deserved to die.
She entered her room, and noticed something was off. She was not scared. Murder Day was over and this hotel was gated and protected from the riff raff. She just had a nice meal in the restaurant and was going to head to bed. Be something was strange…..on the chair in front of her–strange objects. 

As she went to investigate, he attacked, chloroforming her.
Now for the fun. He slowly stripped her down to her sexy clothes, then cuffed her ankles and wrists. He watched her sleep, and then she woke and saw him….she knew she was fucked. The bitch told his (now EX) girlfriend that he was cheating in her (true), but fuck….ruined a perfectly good dysfunctional relationship. Now…bitch gonna die for running her mouth.

But, he would have some fun. She was super hot, and if she was not such a bitch, well, maybe they could have smashed. Oh well. He had her stand as he molested her. He had her stick her ass out so he could flog it. Then, he made her suck his cock…..and she did that very well. SOLD! Now he wanted to fuck her….and he did. She couldn’t do nothing about it. 

He first fucked her on the couch, then across the ottoman until he shot his load deep in her tight cunt.

Welp, time to get to the dying.

He had her up on a chair, fondled her some more as she whined about it. Something like “your not going to get away with this”, and he was like “I literally am bitch”. He had it all worked out, he would leave his wrist watch by her body with the time changed to just before midnight. Yeah, he had it all figured.

Out with the chair and down she went, struggling and choking. Her feet kicked and body swung. Her cute young titties bounced about. It was nice. Took a long time, but eventually she was still. He took her down.

But he was not done with her. Watching her die, made him ready for round 2. He flopped her limp corpse on the bed, spat on her cunt to juice it up, and let his engorged cock slide right it. He was able to go for a little while, but her warm tight pussy hugging his cock did the trick and he unloaded in her. 

He took his watch off, reset the time and set it next to her. No way they would see past his brilliance. Then he quickly left.

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PKF Studios – Swat Failure

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“SWAT Failure”
Starring Lexi Tawny & Pepper Kester

Two SWAT team members cautiously enter a building, looking for a violent felon, but their target is a dangerous man. Waiting until they split up, he surprises one, stabbing her savagely, ripping her clothes off and fucking her until she bleeds out. Hearing the noise, the other SWAT team member turns the corner and levels her gun at him. Not caring whether he lives or dies, he pulls his weapon out and fires, his reckless speed allowing him to wound the frightened rookie. He interrogates her, a few more well placed bullets compelling her to answer. Again aroused by the writhing, bloody woman, he tears her clothes off, as well, and pounds her with his hard cock until she lay dead. To make sure his message gets through to the rest of the SWAT team, he sprays the woman’s gory corpse with a think spattering of DNA sauce. How’s that for evidence?

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