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Emily Willis & Sami Parker – Slumber Party With Dad

Emily аnd Sami аrе having a ѕlеероvеr. Some playful pillow fіghtіng quickly turnѕ into ѕоmеthіng a bіt mоrе рlауful whеn Sаmі ѕtаrtѕ rubbіng her best frіеndѕ tіtѕ аnd lіftѕ up hеr tаnk tор. Feeling mіѕсhіеvоuѕ, ѕhе ѕuggеѕtѕ they go роkе аrоund Emіlуѕ ѕtерdаdѕ room to see what thеу саn fіnd. Rummаgіng through hеr stepdads nіghtѕtаnd, thе tееnѕ come асrоѕѕ аn оld hоmеmаdе DVD. New episode by Family Strokes called Slumber Party With Stepdad! They huddlе аrоund Emіlуѕ laptop and thеіr mоuthѕ ореn wіdе wіth surprise whеn they ѕее whаtѕ on іt. The gіrlѕ аrе ѕо enthralled bу her ѕtерdаdѕ hаrdсоrе роrn, thеу dоnt еvеn hear thе front dооr when hе gеtѕ hоmе. Hіѕ cock ѕрrіngѕ tо attention whеn hе hears thе mоаnіng аnd ѕоundѕ оf fucking соmіng from thе lарtор…

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Bombshell Media – Attacked By The Limp Gun

The robber once founded in one of his heist a special weapon. Possibly not from this earth, because from its shot you become in state.Don’t say no more, the robber always wanted to try it out on some young women and fuck them. He was lurking around Christina for days,he knew where she lived, which apartment she was in.The big day came, he could try out his special weapon. He sneaked in the apartment where the innocent girl was chating with her boyfriend. He couldn’t wait, aim and shoot. The girl become and collapsed. The robber started to fuck her hard… It was a unique experience for him to fuck Christina, that the girl didn’t even know about it… strange weapon…

After the robber enjoyed every minute of his super weapon, he started to want more violent enjoyment. He tied his victim to a chair and gazed at her state. He just couldn’t wait to see her wake up and shot his super weapon at her again. After a little while the tied up blonde woke up and got the second shot which made robber horny and his cock hard.He was ready to fuck her brains out of the poor girl. Soon he cummed all over the the girl knocked out by his special weapon…

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Nasty Girlfriends – Surprise for sexy Nurse Paris (Clips4Sale.com)

Hot Nurse Paris is on call in a private home taking care of a patient. While on a break she gets a notification on her phone that says she’s needed and goes to see her patient only to find an empty bed. After looking around, Nurse Paris gets approached from behind and forced on the bed where she is tied and blindfolded. Her attacker stuffs his hard cock in her mouth despite her cries for help, then has his nasty way with her feet. First using tickle torture, he rips her pantyhose off her feet and massages them with oil to get them well lubed. Finally he sticks his dick in between them and fucks her feet until he cums all over her toes.

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Primal’s Savage Tales – Judicator’s Savage Sexual Destruction

Judicator has been on the trail of intergalactic criminal Mal-Far and has tracked him to a remote primitive planet. Unfortunately, something causes her ship to malfunction; she barely survives the crash. But her communicator is malfunctioning, and she is unable to call for backup. On her own, Judicator explores the primitive planet. However, A Galactic Constable trained to overcome any and all obstacles to deliver justice, Judicator finally finds Mal-Far, cornering him in some type of crude temple. The villain lounges unconcerned. He mocks her ability to take him in, inviting her to join him and “go native.” Judicator grabs him by the throat and lifts him to his feet, she reminding him that she is 5x stronger than any man. At that moment, two chainmail-clad Amazons grab Judicator with inescapable iron grips. Mal-Far explains that the women of this world are 10x stronger than any man, making them twice as strong as she is. At the same time, being the only man on the planet has made him into a revered God for the desperate women. Mal-Far wants Judicator to be his slave as he has come to enjoy powerful women serving his every need. Judicator refuses and is dragged away by the Amazons to be brutally whipped into submission. Just before being shackled, Judicator nearly beaks free, using her Omni-bracelet to weaken and stun the amazons but she is quickly defeated with hard blows to the stomach. Judicator is restrained before the Amazons take turns whipping her into submission for their God.

Mal-Far decides to personally finish breaking Judicator, exposing her breasts and pussy and forcing her to cum repeatedly while he mocks her and gloats, letting his hands do whatever they want. Even after destroying her treasured uniform, Judicator will not submit.

Strict bondage dildo’s and fucking in the pussy, and ass, until broken – Mal-Far uses a powerful vibrator and two dildos (pussy and anal) all at once. Then having her ass pounded mercilessly by Mal-Far proves to be more than Judicator can withstand. Broken, she finally fully submits to her new God and master.

Nude Erotic Oil Seduction and Orgasms – Judicator is being prepared to be Mal-Far’s slave. She wants to rally the strength to resist, but her ordeal has been too much for her to regain any strength. The Amazons’ skilled hands and the power of the erotic oil have their way with her as she’s helpless with her legs forcibly spread.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Liberty Girl: Ambushed and Violated

Liberty Girl is tracking a dangerous thief when the suspect gets the jump on her. She awakes rope-bound on the floor and struggles with all her might to escape. Liberty Girl manages to loosen some of the rope, but not before the masked villain returns and knocks her out again.

Awaking gagged and tied to a couch, Liberty Girl learns that the burglary was only a ruse to capture her. Since she turns her head away at the suggestion of fucking a criminal, he decides to make her cum through her pantyhose over and over and over. Weak from the intense pleasure, she’s put out much more quickly.

Barely having regained her awareness once more, Liberty Girl finds herself still bound and with her stockings torn. As he takes the last of her dignity as a superheroine, the thief slaps her, makes her squirt all over her pantyhose, and covers her face with cum.

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