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Giving Head – Honour May Gives Head On A Guillotine

Download the movie The Guillotine – Honour May Gives Head On A Guillotine.
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In this clip we see a surreal erotic game featuring a guillotine: Honour has her arms tied behind her back and is forced to sit on the machine as if she’s going to lose head. But, in order to pay her tribute, she has to give head first.

The clip is shot pretty much from a static wide angle, and ends when the guy orgasms in her mouth (no cum to be seen). The mood is willing and surreal.

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Badman’s Bondage Babes – Bound And Fucked! (Clips4Sale.com)

Tabitha’s fantasy is coming full circle as her captor has now untied her ankles to give him easier access to her pussy and as she lays on the floor with her hands tied behind her back he humiliatingly puts his thick cock in her pussy! Tabitha knows this isn’t her husband but they had discussed having one of his buddies possibly playing this role and as he fucks her Tabitha’s fantasy of being taken captive and used sexually is coming true.

Eventually she feels him swell inside her, he grunts as he pumps into her body and soon Tabitha is filled with a STRANGERS CUM! After pulling out he goes to get her car keys and loot and leaves the tied and gagged girl on the floor…her face still sticky from the blow job…her pussy now filled with his jizz…and this is just what she wanted. But wait!!! The phone rings and she hears her husband’s voice saying he couldn’t arrange the fantasy for today as planned so they would do it tomorrow! OMG!!!! This was REAL!!! Oh what a story she’ll have for him when he comes home from work tonight!

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Sexy Dom Clips – Arms up, love and creampie

This wicked blonde proposed to his boyfriend a hot bondage game: staying fully naked with only high heels on, having her arms pulled up, she is teased by his love and then fucked from behind, good and long. You will love seeing him pounding her warm pussy while massaging and squeezing her nice tits. Faster and faster, beating her cheek with passion and strength. Till she is filled by the hot juice of her love. The last view is showing her cunt with his semen dropping out. BONDAGE SEX, UCKING FROM BEHIND, BLONDE, CREAMPIE.

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BareBackStudios – Far Cry Daughter

Kenzie Reeves is in bed asleep, on her side, under covers, book beside her, bedside lamp on. She is wearing non-sexy panties and a top. I come in wearing PJ bottoms. I undress, stare at her for about
30 seconds. I move the book and pull back covers. I again stare at her for about 30 seconds. I very, very, very, slowly guides her on her back and very, very, very slowly pull open her blouse
and stare again. I slowly pull her panties off. She is now on her back with her legs spread. I then get on top of her guiding my cock into her. Her eyes pop open and opens her mouth to scream. I
clamp my hand over her mouth and really slam into her. I really slam in and out of her until I cum. After I cum, I kiss her and stroke her hair for about a minute and then leaves. Kenzie curls
up into a ball crying.

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