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Owen Gray – Hadley Viscara Bondage Sex

This scene features Hadley Viscara getting tied up as we have some fun sex for the first time together sharing wonderful chemistry. I spank her amazing butt and use a hitachi on her pussy to start with before I lick her ass and spank her more until she orgasms. We fuck in a bunch of positions all over the bed before I untie her and keep having sex, sometimes using a hitachi on her, as she cums over and over again. The scene ends with a close up of me cumming all over and inside of her pussy and us kissing

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Xplicit Films – A New Army

it’s a conventional setup: superheroine looking for other missing superheroine encounters bad guy in empty room soon-to-be torture chamber. however, both actors embark on this cat-and-mouse game of sexual submission that titillates and excites, along with the well done fight scenes and beat downs, and then the very well-fucked hardcore sex. it’s a wonder woman fan’s dream!

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Punished Heroines – Super Bad Date IV Part 2

After her public defeat at the hands of Skullion’s monster, Superia decides to refocus on her career and helping the less fortunate. Using her secret identity (Stephanie Banks, world famous reporter) she participates in a charity date auction. The winning bidder (Stewart Pidazz) wastes no time taking full advantage of his 2.5 hours with the gorgeous night time journalist. As the night progresses, Mr Pidazz prepares some cocktails which Stephanie gladly partakes in to try and cope with the appearance of her charity date. Stephanie begins to feel tired and Stewart begins to reveal his true intentions… Stephanie finds herself struggling to fend off Stewarts advances while also fighting to stay conscious. Stephanie wakes up in her costume bound AoH in Skullion’s dungeon. Stewart explains how the footage of her defeat inspired him to find her true identity, and how his addiction to Superheroines in Peril had to be experienced first hand

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XXXtremeComiXXX – Sex Orb From Space

STARRING: Lily Lebeau

This is a big day for Dr. Labeau, the day she becomes the spokesperson for the human race during first contact with an alien species. The alien seems oddly curious about our human bodies and how they work. In order to appease the being of pure energy, Dr. Labeau is forced to strip, revealing the most intimate parts of her sexy body to not only the alien, but to all the other staff that are in attendance. It’s not enough for the alien, who then demands to see our method of reproduction. Possessing the body of a male, one of the military who was there for the doctor’s protection, it samples the doctor’s various orifices. Not knowing how to stop what is happening, the beautiful scientist allows herself to be fucked, in full view of all those attending. Despite her clinical reserve, she can’t help but be turned on, as the alien forces the soldier to lap at her publicly exposed pussy and sensitive asshole. He shoves his huge cock into her now dripping snatch, into her luscious mouth, his muscular arms moving her tiny body with ease into whatever position the alien wants her in. Soon, the man can take no more and erupts, his shaft pulsating, covering the once dignified doctor with his cum. It is still not enough for the alien, who transports the naked scientist to its private lair. Wanting to share its own sexual process with the young woman, it first directs her to cover her entire body with a slick, oily substance, for her protection. Once covered, her smooth skin glistening and slippery, it enters her, causing her to buck and moan, the waves of pleasure almost too much for her to take. In the afterglow of multiple, earth shattering orgasms, she readily agrees to be the creature’s willing subject in a series of sexually related experiments.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Fondling, Pussy Licking, Cum Shot, BJ, Sex, Stripping, Reluctant, Uniform, Masturbation, Body Views, Body Play, Foot Views

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BareBackStudios – Far Cry Daughter

Kenzie Reeves is in bed asleep, on her side, under covers, book beside her, bedside lamp on. She is wearing non-sexy panties and a top. I come in wearing PJ bottoms. I undress, stare at her for about
30 seconds. I move the book and pull back covers. I again stare at her for about 30 seconds. I very, very, very, slowly guides her on her back and very, very, very slowly pull open her blouse
and stare again. I slowly pull her panties off. She is now on her back with her legs spread. I then get on top of her guiding my cock into her. Her eyes pop open and opens her mouth to scream. I
clamp my hand over her mouth and really slam into her. I really slam in and out of her until I cum. After I cum, I kiss her and stroke her hair for about a minute and then leaves. Kenzie curls
up into a ball crying.

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Alex Blake & Carolina Sweets – My Step Sister And Her Hot Friend

Alex Blake is flirting with her friend Carolina Sweets’s stepbrother Kyle Mason when he calls his stepsister ugly. Later, the girls come up with a plan to fuck with Kyle’s head: They get naked and tell Kyle that they’re paralyzed and that they need him to use some lotion to massage them until they’re loose. Kyle drops the lotion onto Alex’s belly and rubs it into her tits and landing strip twat. When Kyle moves on to give Carolina the same treatment, the girls reveal that they can move.

Alex whips out Kyle’s stiffie and starts sucking while Carolina watches. Her stroking hands and slurping mouth entice Kyle to accept Alex’s blatant invitation when she spreads her thighs and invites him in. Watching the show they put on leaves Carolina horny and daring, and when she presents his ass to him in a challenge he gladly takes her up on it. Soon he is balls deep in Carolina’s creamy bare fuck hole, pounding away as Carolina moans her deep excitement. Eventually Carolina flips onto her back to watch Kyle fucking her, an unbelievable sight that somehow gets her hotter than ever.

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