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Bombshell Media – Attacked By The Limp Gun

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The robber once founded in one of his heist a special weapon. Possibly not from this earth, because from its shot you become in state.Don’t say no more, the robber always wanted to try it out on some young women and fuck them. He was lurking around Christina for days,he knew where she lived, which apartment she was in.The big day came, he could try out his special weapon. He sneaked in the apartment where the innocent girl was chating with her boyfriend. He couldn’t wait, aim and shoot. The girl become and collapsed. The robber started to fuck her hard… It was a unique experience for him to fuck Christina, that the girl didn’t even know about it… strange weapon…

After the robber enjoyed every minute of his super weapon, he started to want more violent enjoyment. He tied his victim to a chair and gazed at her state. He just couldn’t wait to see her wake up and shot his super weapon at her again. After a little while the tied up blonde woke up and got the second shot which made robber horny and his cock hard.He was ready to fuck her brains out of the poor girl. Soon he cummed all over the the girl knocked out by his special weapon…

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Giving Head – Valentina Bianco Gives Head On A Guillotine

Download the movie The Guillotine – Valentina Bianco Gives Head On A Guillotine .
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In this clip we see a surreal erotic game featuring a guillotine: Valentina has her arms tied behind her back and is forced to sit on the machine as if she’s going to lose head. But, in order to pay her tribute, she has to give head first.

The clip is shot pretty much from a static wide angle, and ends when the guy orgasms in her mouth (no cum to be seen). The mood is willing and surreal.

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Sexy Dom Clips – Arms up, love and creampie

This wicked blonde proposed to his boyfriend a hot bondage game: staying fully naked with only high heels on, having her arms pulled up, she is teased by his love and then fucked from behind, good and long. You will love seeing him pounding her warm pussy while massaging and squeezing her nice tits. Faster and faster, beating her cheek with passion and strength. Till she is filled by the hot juice of her love. The last view is showing her cunt with his semen dropping out. BONDAGE SEX, UCKING FROM BEHIND, BLONDE, CREAMPIE.

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PKF Studios – Emma And The Rope

“Emma and the Rope”
Starring Emma Scarlett

Aaron has captured a sexy frightened little slut. She stands before him trembling as he demands she take off her clothes, forcing her to strip for him slowly. Once naked he begins to fasten cuffs around her wrists and ankles, ensuring she can’t run. Pulling her by her hair he moves her towards a noose hanging in the middle of the room. He body grows weak with fear and she begs for him to stop as he lowers the loop around her bent neck.

His souless eyes pierce into her as he pulls the end of the rope tight, pulling the shivering captive to her toes, her eyes bulging as the air is cut off. She fights to stay standing, as he hangs her and releases, toying with her ability to breathe and her threshold for fear. Letting her drop to the floor, giving her a moment of relief, he siezes her on the floor and pulls back on the rope as her bound feet and wrists search for relief, kicking sporadically and instinctually. Soon she finds herself at the end of her own rope and her body begins to go limp as her eyes roll forward in a death stare. Aaron removes the rope and leaves her there, legs spread.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Forced Stripping, Fondling, Panic, Terror, Begging, Pleading, Breath Play, Noose, Choking, Hanging, Cuffs, Garrote Strangle, Death, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

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Psycho Thrillers – Club Girl Sex Strangler 5

A man with exceptional social skills picks up and brings girls from nightclubs back to his place for consensual sex that leads to a fatal strangulation during sex and necrophilia sex afterwards.

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Feetspace Foot Fetish – Tied girl is doing blowjob

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Cute russian blonde is tied and forced to suck a cock. Her amazing tits are bouncing and she is so horny giving a blow job. Wrists and feet tied, she is completely naked and vulnerable.

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