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Psycho Thrillers – Mistress Distress


A young women is a mistress for a wealthy underground mob figure but when she sleeps around while he is on business and he finds out, he directs 2 of his goons to treat her like the slut she is. What results is a savage assault that makes her regret the day she was born.

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Psycho Thrillers – Uber Driver Killer 3

Starring: India Summer, Tommy Pistol

A guy picks up a girl and can’t stop looking at her in the mirror. She looks familiar to him. He asks her if she is a star or model. She just smiles and ignores him. She gets a call from her boyfriend and talks to him about a photoshoot she is going to do in Germany. When she hangs up the driver is excited because she is someone famous. When he drops her off he asks for her autograph, but she just pays for the ride and goes into her house.

The driver calls his buddy and brags about it, but his buddy is not impressed that he failed to get an autograph or picture with her. The driver gets angry. He goes to the door and when she answers it he knocks her out.
She wakes up tied to the corners of her bed. She struggles, then tries to act nice, but it is too late for that. He pulls out a knife and cuts her clothes off, then starts raping her.

Finally he puts a garotte around her neck and strangles her. When she is dead he takes a necro BJ from her and snaps her neck over the edge of the bed. He takes a few selfies with her corpse. Now he has some pictures with the famous model.

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Psycho Thrillers – Au Revoir Julia X

Starring: India Summer, Anthony

A man checks his phone, and receives orders to kill a French HARPIE agent, Julia X. 

Julia does not suspect she has been set up to be murdered. When the enemy agent attacks her she is surprised, and though she fights, she is overpowered. She is knocked down and when she is on her knees her bra is removed to strangle her. She struggles hard, but cannot break free. She assassin strangles her to death, then snaps her neck as well to make sure she is finished. He pushes her corpse to the floor. 

The assassin strips her and has necrosex with her body in multiple positions, including grabbing her ponytail so she can give him a dead blowjob. After he cums, he takes her thong and pushes it into her mouth. He arranges her in a sitting position, takes a marker pen, and writes “French Slut” on her chest. Leaving her humiliated, he finishes by taking a photo of her body and posting it on the internet, with the text “Happy Birthdead, Mademoiselle Julia”.

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Psycho Thrillers – Man About Town 3

A man stalks public areas to find victims who suit his sadistic sexual needs. He uses a ruse of having found their ID that dropped at the shopping center. They believe him because how would he know she dropped it there unless he saw her. Before they can get a good look at the fraudulent ID he knocks them out with a single punch then grabs their real ID to determine where they live. He brings them inside, ties their hands behind their backs and terrorizes them with a house knife before raping then strangling them to death. 

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Psycho Thrillers – Bounty Hunters Revenge

Starring: India Summer, Jack Vegas

Bounty Hunter rolled up on his motorcycle, pull out a wanted paper and call dispatch to confirm address.
He walks around the house, looks through the windows, and knocks on the door.
The fugitive woman is watching him from behind her curtains. She knows who he is and sneaks out through the back door, but the Bounty Hunter sees her and chases her down. He catches her, handcuffs and drugged her inside the house to calls cops to pick her up. She tries to use her woman seduction skills first to flirt with him. Offering him service for let her go.
The Bounty Hunter doesn’t care about her offer. He wants his reward money. He orders her sit down and don’t talk. She keeps trying to seduce him, she asks him to go to restroom. When he picks her up she knees him in his balls. He goes down on his knees, she tries to knee him in his face, but he stops her and throws her back on couch.

He is mad. He told her. “If she want to be a bitch, he will be a dick!”
“She is going to jail so she will not see dick for while so enjoy it.”
He forces her down on her knees, pulls his dick out and forces her to blow him. Throws her on couch, opens her legs and sticks his dick inside her pussy.
She scream, begging him let her go, but doesn’t care, he enjoys tightness of her pussy. After fucking her from different positions he climaxes inside her. He told her “he did her a favor by cumming inside her, they will let you go in 9 months when her baby is born.”
She cries, and tries to get up to knees him in the balls again.
This time she crossed the line, he slaps her across the face, pulls out garrote, puts it around her neck and strangler her. When he finishes her off, he stuffed her panties in her mouth and leave before the cops show up.

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Psycho Thrillers – Buddies Forever

Starring: Lily Rader, Anthony Hardwood, Tommy Pistol

A woman is kissing a guy in a doorway, saying goodbye. He walks into the hallway and his roommate comes out. They talk a little and compare notes about their dates, discovering to their surprise that both of their girlfriends are named Lily.

The next day the guy is sitting in a bar drinking. His roommate comes in with Lily, and he realizes they are both fucking the same girl. The guys argue, and Lily goes to the restroom and calls her friend, telling her the situation she is in.

To her surprise when she comes out the guys are drinking together. They have decided they have a mutual problem. She tries to leave but is grabbed, and shortly each guy is holding one side of her scarf, pulling it tight to strangle her. 

After she is dead both guys fuck her for the last time and leave her body on the bar as a gift to the bartender. 

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Psycho Thrillers – American Beauty

Starring: Lilly Rader, Anthony Hardwood

“Good morning Mr Smith.” She gives a cup of coffee to Mr Smith. “I’m Lily. Jessica’s girlfriend.” Mr Smith spits out his coffee. “Oooo how precious you did not know Jessica was a lesbian. Yes Jessica is 100% lesbo but I’m not. I like dick.” She touches his dick as she walks by. 

Next morning Lily, wearing sexy panties, is making coffee again. She goes to Mr Smith and starts touching him. He can’t restrain himself. He grabs her by her hair, chokes her and forces her down on her knees to suck his dick.Then he roughly removes Lily’s panties and forces his dick inside of her. Takes her in several positions, until finally he puts her down on her knees again and let her to blow him till he cum inside her mouth. Makes her to swallow it all. 

Lily asks him if that was it and tells him she will need to go out to get some more dick to satisfy her needs. Mr Smith grabs her neck and starts choking her for being such a slut. She likes it at first thinking she will have more rough sex but his hands get tighter so she starts fighting for her life. After some kicking and fighting she ends up on the counter top where she dies. When she is dead Mr Smith carries her body to the freezer so he can use her later. 

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Psycho Thrillers – Model For Murder 3

Victoria plays a professional bondage model who is caught in a deadly trap. She meets at the home of a man who wants to shoot bondage video and offers lots of money to do so to attract his victim. Savvy, Victoria asks the proper questions but he provides the proper answers. Soon she is topless in Capri leggings, her feet tied tightly to a heavy piece of exercise equipment, her hands free. She is at ease, posing innocently and apparently having fun until he excuses himself and returns with a mask and gloves, telling her its for her to put on eventually. He continues to film her then nonchalantly forces her hands behind her hand and handcuffs then together. She begins to become uncomfortable and asks questions that are repeatedly ignored.

She grows anxious then upset, demanding to be let go. As she pleads, he pulls a nylon stocking out his pocket and quickly wraps it tightly around her throat. She screams and twists violently, screaming for help then cursing him and spiting at him until she realizes she cannot free herself and her breath grows shorter. Her eyes start to bulge and cross as she fights off slipping into unconsciousness. After long minutes of fighting and struggling, her body begins to betray her and spasms. She is gurgling, eyes wide. Sensing victory, he tugs on the garrote violently, wringing the last of the life from her sexy body. Soon she is dead for his movie. He releases the garrote and walks away to relax.

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Psycho Thrillers – Heart Stoppers 3

a young girl suffers a heart attack during an intense vibrator masturbation session and dies. Her roommate returns home to discover her dead and decides to play with her body before calling the police. He will tell them they had sex before he heft and he found her dead when he returned. They will believe him and it will trigger his desire for more necrophilia pleasure.

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Psycho Thillers – Natural Born Killers 9

This is a story about a killer couple who begin to devolve in front of our eyes. Having been successful at kidnapping and killing young women, his female partner begins to have a change of heart and wants to retire. She wants her boyfriend to follow her but he’s still having a great time raping and killing girls so she decides to make a statement. When he falls asleep, she will replace his favorite weapon, his knife, with his victim’s shoes, a sign that she is finished and taking his victim with her. She takes the knife and uses it to cut her captive loose only to be confronted by her boyfriend who wakes up and notices the switch before she was ready for him to wake up.

They exchange words and she draws her gun, which surprises her boyfriend who is still not taking her seriously until he approaches her. The gun goes off as he charges and his sharp blades finds her belly. He pushes the blade as deep as it can go before the tip meets her spine, paralyzing her in pain. The female captive tries to move around him to escape but he backhands her face, knocking her out. He turns his attention back to his girlfriend and continues to twist the knife as he expresses his pain and disbelief and anger until she bleeds all over the floor and slumps into death twitches on the floor. He watches her die then blames her death on the victim whom he strangles to death with a wooden garrote so she can experience a slow, painful death. Once he takes his soft, sexy blonde down he catches his breath before disposing of the bodies in the m

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