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Hardcore Abductions #19 Trish

 Trish, a rich, 20 year old college student, has already been tied and blindfolded by an assailant. He wastes no time using her young , tight body.

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Hardcore Abductions #65 Knocked Out

 “Knocked Out” a women feels a cloth pressed firmly against her face, the smell of either will be the last thing that she recalls as she drifts off into unconsciousness. When she awakens, she is bound and gagged. Her assailant cuts her pantyhose to gain access to his target, and soon he is using her for his pleasure. He finishes with a massive facial money shot! 

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Dixie Comet – Struggle Snuggle

Dixie comes home to her cozy apartment after a long days work. She is mentally drained and her feet ache from a long day of wearing heels. She walks in and pops off her heels and retires to her couch. She sits down and lets out a tiresome sigh as she grabs a magazine and lays back to relax before she has to cook herself dinner. While she’s relaxing in the comfort of her apartment enjoying her favorite magazine she is unaware that she is not alone! Suddenly, a chemically soaked rag is placed forcefully over Dixie’s mouth until she is unwillingly put to sleep.

When Dixie awakens she finds herself bound to her kitchen table with her clothing removed and her panties shoved firmly into her mouth. She tries to scream but with her mouth full of panties she is only able mumble a series of vowels. She struggles to get free but fails in her attempts. Suddenly her assailant reveals himself, his face is cover with a mask and he is half naked with a rock hard cock. He walks over to Dixie and begins to masturbate in front of the completely helpless girl. Dixie frantically tries to escape but is unable. The masked intruder maneuvers behind Dixie and crams his dick right into her tight little pussy. He begins to thrust back and forth as Dixie continues to resist. He fucks her as he pleases and verbally berates the innocent victim. He then walks towards Dixie’s face and removes her panties from her mouth and immediately shoves his cock in their place. He fucks her face as if it was still her little cunt. When he is finally ready to blow his wad he takes steady aim and drenches her face with his hot sticky jizz. Her face and her dining table are absolutely covered with his hot spunk. He instructs Dixie not to ever speak of this before he quietly makes his exit. Dixie remains bound to her table, her face covered in a strange mans cum, how will she get free? Will someone finder her in this embarrassing position?

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Home Invasion

A blonde Natalie Minx is abducted at gunpoint by a masked home invader in this 11 minute bondage sex video clip. Natalie just came home from an upscale party. She’s still in her hot red dress, stockings and high heels. She’s about to take off her earrings when a masked guy with a gun sneaks up behind her! He forces poor Natalie to the bed, makes her get onto in and begins to tie her hands in front with rope. Natalie is terrified and can’t help but complaining and whimpering.

The invader is sick of listening to it, so he stuffs Natalie’s mouth with a wad of cloth and ties it into place for a colorful packing gag. Then he hauls Natalie down to the floor, ropes her pantyhose clad leg to a bedpost and ties her hands to a leg of the dresser. Now he has his helpless captive all ready for his evil intentions fucking her while she’s bound and gagged on the floor. The masked dude pulls up Natalie’s red dress and discovers that she’s not even wearing any panties! That makes things a little easier for him! He strips down, pulls out his huge cock and shoves it inside the helpless Natalie’s unwilling pussy.

He bends his hot blonde victim into a couple of different positions and angles, plowing her while she’s at his total mercy. When he’s finally had enough bondage sex to satisfy him for the evening, the armed home invader takes off, leaving poor Natalie Minx struggling on the floor, still packing gagged and tied in her red dress and high heels! But does he really have his fill or does he come back for some more forced fucking? 

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Brittanys Bombshell Bondage – Spending quality time against her will

Brittany has alot of admirers, people who buy her stuff and leave nice comments on her site but she has always noticed a creepy van hanging out in her neighborhood, she has noticed things coming up missing in her home but usually little stuff nothing of value. One day she was leaving for work and she was surprised by a guy wearing a mask, he overpowered her ziptied her wrists, stuff mouth and covered it with clear tape, and then placed dark sunglasses on her. As they arrived to what she assumed was his home he led down to a cellar converted living space, she was shocked to see a tribute of pictures and various missing items.

He fondled his new toy and told her how long he had watched her and that they will be married as soon as she excepts him, he removes the gag and forces her to suck his dick ( full bondage blowjob scene), he restuffs her mouth and wraps tape around her head, he watches as she squirms and then plows her ass hard ( bondage sex scene), he took more zipties and balltied her tightly to keep her tightly and painfully in place, he placed tape over her eyes as he headed out to let her get use to her new room

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Stalker

Chloe Night was relaxing on the sofa barefoot in her nightie when a stranger saunters in with a gun! He orders to hold her hands out and begins tying them He explains that he’s been stalking her for a long time and that he’s her biggest fan. And when Chloe begins to protest a little too much, Sergio wraps a double gag into her mouth. She ends up being tied spread on the sofa.Sergio feels her tender parts before stripping down himself and climbing atop his favorite star naked and rock-hard. In goes his throbbing cock into her sweet, helpless pussy — a dream come true for Sergio. He fucks her hard until he shoots his load all over her belly.

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Revenge

Chloe Night is in her bedroom wearing a dress, pantyhose and heels when Sergio barges in with a gun and a mission. Chloe’s the girlfriend of rival gang member, Isaac. Sergio plans to get back at Sergio by forcing himself on Chloe. He holds Chloe up with a gun, then pushes her onto the bed.

Her arms are tied spread and to the bedposts. Then her dress is cut off of her and her panties cut to expose her shorn pussy. Chloe begs and pleads Sergio to stop, but instead he just shoves a wadded rag into her mouth and wraps a big scarf around her head to shut her up. Then he binds her panty-clad ankles together, one shoe falling off as he does so, and gets ready to fuck the helplessly bound and gagged Chloe. Chloe is fucked hard while she writhes and moans. Finally, Sergio cums and shoots his load all over Chloe’s stomach!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Robber Force Fucks Natalie

Natalie Minx is in her bedroom in her office attire (skirt, blouse, stockings, garter belt and heels) when a masked robber with a holds her up! He forces her onto the bed and ties her spread. Her panties are ripped from her body and shoved into her mouth! Duct tape keeps the panties firmly packed inside of Natalie’s mouth. The robber finger fucks her briefly while he prepares to enjoy a good ride!

Now, her leg is tied high to the bedpost for easy access! The robber rubs his hard cock on Natalie’s tits, then hops on top and pumps his hard cock deep inside Natalie’s pussy until he finally explodes inside her

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