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Bombshell Media – Attacked By The Limp Gun

The robber once founded in one of his heist a special weapon. Possibly not from this earth, because from its shot you become in state.Don’t say no more, the robber always wanted to try it out on some young women and fuck them. He was lurking around Christina for days,he knew where she lived, which apartment she was in.The big day came, he could try out his special weapon. He sneaked in the apartment where the innocent girl was chating with her boyfriend. He couldn’t wait, aim and shoot. The girl become and collapsed. The robber started to fuck her hard… It was a unique experience for him to fuck Christina, that the girl didn’t even know about it… strange weapon…

After the robber enjoyed every minute of his super weapon, he started to want more violent enjoyment. He tied his victim to a chair and gazed at her state. He just couldn’t wait to see her wake up and shot his super weapon at her again. After a little while the tied up blonde woke up and got the second shot which made robber horny and his cock hard.He was ready to fuck her brains out of the poor girl. Soon he cummed all over the the girl knocked out by his special weapon…

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Bombshell Media – An argument with some fucking!

Horny Christina was waiting for Antonio, but got very angry when she found some other girl’s clothes in their bed. She questioned him and the aruging began. After a long argument Antonio couldn’t take it anymore so they started to wrestle, than Antonio tied Christina’s mouth with his lover’s clothes to her… i mean, he just wanted to her, cause Christina started to enjoy it… the big fuck ends with an anger filled orgasm for both of them.

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