Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Stripped at Gunpoint

Natalie Minx comes home from shopping and is handgagged & tied bent over for doggystyle sex by a hiding masked gunman in this bondage sex video! Natalie Minx comes home in her dress after a shopping spree. She doesn’t see the home invader hiding behind the armoire! When she sits herself on the chaise, relaxing – now barefoot, the masked intruder comes out of hiding and sneaks up behind her! She’s firmly handgagged while he put his gun right to her head! He forces Natalie to cross her hands behind her back and then he ties her wrists together tightly with rope.

The masked man gets out his gun again and aims it at her head for some more intimidating and threats. Then poor helpless damsel Natalie is gagged with a 2 layer gag — her mouth is stuffed with a huge white cloth held firmly in place with a thin scarf wrapped around her head. The masked invader hauls her up by her arm and forces her to kneel on the floor with her ass pointing up in the air. He rips her skirt up and her panties off! More gunplay as he holds it to her bare ass and makes more menacing threats. Natalie is quite distress and emotional, especially when this evil man pulls out his huge dick and sticks it into Natalie! She’s fucked right there on the floor, doggystyle and barefoot. He fucks her hard until he shoots his load for great gooey cumshot at the end! This dude’s load is HUGE and splatters all over Natalie’s naked ass and back!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Working Out

Blonde, young cutie Acidalia Sabine was working out when two masked men hold her up and tie her down in this gang bang video — classic gang bang video footage from way back in 2010! The video starts out with beautiful blonde Acidalia working out on the weight bench in the garage when 2 masked men (Sergio, aka “Thundercock” and Isaac W.) come barging in with a gun! They hold poor Acidalia down, then force this young and helpless damsel down onto the bench. Isaac W. proceeds to tie her hands with rope behind the bench.

Then, while holding the gun to our damsel’s chest, the two men strip her topless and then rip her panties off as well so now Acidalia Sabine is totally naked and totally exposed with all her private parts on clear display. The 2 men hold the gun up to her head while they take a long purple silky scarf and wrap it tghtly bout her head so that now she’s tied and topless AND also knotted cleave gagged! Poor Acidalia is obviously quite upset about this wretched predicament. She tries to cry out, but her moans are stifled because she’s cleave gagged. But more’s in store for our blonde and helpless damsel in distress!

The two masked men take her legs and hoist them up to be tied spread and wide apart to opposite ends of the bar so that now her barefoot soles are high up on display in the air and her pussy very vulnerable. The invaders decide to flip a coin to see who gets to fuck her first. Sergio wins, so he begins stripping down. shoves his hard cock into her pussy and starts pounding it relentlessly. (After all, there’s a reason he earned the nickname “Thundercock!”) Acidalia cries and whimpers, but to no avail. She must endure being bound and fucked. Sergio continues fucking this helpless bound and gagged blonde cutie until he finally shoots his load all over her belly! Nice cumshots are included!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker Acidalia Sabine is kidnapped and ballgagged by 2 men who hold her down for forced fucking in this classic bondage sex video from 2010! The video starts out with the blonde cutie Acidalia Sabine being carried into a dining room by her 2 male kidnappers, Sergio and Isaac W. They have their helpless kidanpped victim tied up up in her skirt and little top. The damsel is barefoot as she lost her shoes earlier during the struggle to abduct her.

The 2 men laugh at their poor victim as they carry her in for their evil intentions. Her hands are tied together in front and she’s been bballgagged with a huge green ball with leather straps.  Acidalia cries in terror as the two male thugs plop her down onto the floor. Isaac holds Acidalia down by her bound wrists as Sergio gets more rope and binds one of her bare feet to the leg of the table. Once they have their damsel securely bound and gagged, Sergio pulls down her top down and fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples.

Isaac laughs while Sergio plays with her pussy and engages in a bit of finger fucking. Enough foreplay for Sergio! He unzips his pants, whips off his clothes and thrusts his cock into Acidalia’s pussy as Isaac continues to hold her down. Acidalia is totally frantic! She tries to scream and cry for help but her sounds are muffled from being ballgagged. Sergio rams her hard cock inside of her repeatedly in his signature style (which earned him the name “thundercock”) until he finally explodes! Sergio shoots his giz all over Acidali’s belly in a great cumshot! Outtake included at the end of this “keeping it real” damsel in distress bondage sex video!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Bad Divorce

Blonde Chloe Night just got divorced from Sergio. Sergio is angry because their divorce left him totally broke, and his former wife, Chloe, refuses to loan Sergio any money so he can buy gifts for the holidays. Sergio isn’t going to take any more from Chloe! He breaks into the house where his Chloe is living now and finds her in the bedroom wearing only a blue robe.

Pissed off, Sergio grabs Chloe and throws her onto the bed, then grabs her hands and pulls them behind her back. He takes some rope and binds her hands together before gagging her constantly annoying mouth with a rolled up scarf. After the gag is tied firmly in place, Sergio grabs Chloe by the waist and hoists her up onto her knees. Sergio pushes Chloe over so she’s bent over on the bed, her hands tied behind her back, bare feet and soles hanging over the edge. Chloe’s whining has been muffled by being cleave gagged. Good! Sergio was sick and tired of listening to her all the time!

He grabs Chloe’s robe and pulls it up, exposing his ex-wife’s sweet, bare ass, which is pointing nicely right at him. Great for fucking his uncaring ex-wife! Sergio laughs as he gets ready for some hard pussy pounding! He thrusts his hard cock inside Chloe’s unwilling pussy and pounds it relentlessly while Chloe is struggling and moaning. Her bitching has turned to pleas and sobs to please stop! But Sergio has no such intention! He keeps on fucking Chloe until he cums, shooting his big load of spooge all over Chloe’s ass and back for a great cumshot finale! Now it’s time to find Chloe’s wallet and buy some holiday presents while she’s still bound and gagged on the bed!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Practice For My Girlfriend

Chloe Night is tricked into doggystyle sex in stockings and jean miniskirt in this 14 minute bondage sex video! The video clip starts out with Chloe Night coming over to her friend Sergio’s place in her black thigh high stockings and jean miniskirt. They are sitting on Sergio’s bed talking about his new girlfriend who just so happens to be into bondage. Sergio would really like some advice about this situation and he’d also like to maybe practice some tying and gagging someone before he tries to satisfy this new girlfriend of his.

Chloe is happy to help out Sergio, so she lets him tie her wrists together behind her back. She even goes along when he asks if it’s okay if she’s cleave gagged with a knotted scarf. So now here’s Chloe tied and gagged on the bed with Sergio, but she’s still cool about it all because she thinks she’s just letting him practice for his girlfriend. That is until Sergio suddenly bends Chloe over the bed and ties her stocking feet spread to opposite bedposts. Now, the awful truth comes out! Sergio confesses that he could not think of any other way to get Chloe bound and gagged and this “girlfriend” thing was all a big ruse! There’s not any new, kinky girlfriend at all! He just wanted to Chloe tied up and now he really wants to fuck her, too!

He pulls Chloe’s jean miniskirt up and starts finger fucking her pussy as Chloe moans and mmmphs in protest beneath her knotted gag. Sergio pays her no mind. Instead, he just strips naked and starts fucking Chloe doggystyle from behind with her tied bent over, her naked ass up in the air, her tied hands behind her back. As Sergio thrusts his hard cock in and out of Chloe, plowing her as only “thundercock” can, he admits he’s had this fantasy bondage sex with Chloe for a really long time! He continues to plow her hard from behind with Chloe struggling and crying in vain until finally he shoots his load for a nice cumshot at the end as Sergio shoots his spunk all over Chloe’s naked ass!

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Kidnapped For Bondage Sex – Angry Date

Chloe Night (a notorious dick tease!) gets fucked doggystyle by an angry date in this 10:30 minute damsel in distress style bondage sex video. Blonde Chloe Night returns to Sergio’s home after a date with him. She’s all sexy in her dress and lacy, red and black garters and thigh-high stockings. Sergio thinks the date went really, really well and fully expects to get laid. Chloe, on the other hand, has no intention of fucking this guy; she just likes to dick tease. She brushes off Sergio’s advances and, finally, Chloe just gets up and walks off, acting all disgusted.

But Sergio doesn’t get let Chloe get far! He grabs Chloe, pins her wrists crossed behind her back. She resists, but Sergio has the strength advantage and grabs her wrists and pulls her back, then starts tying her up! Chloe’s hands are tied bound behind her back tightly. Now Chloe is really scared about this change of events. She keeps begging to please be released. Sergio has a solution to this constant surge of whining, pleading and crying: he shoves a gag between her lips and ties it round her head. Now she’s quiet finally after being cleave gagged! Sergio pulls up his tied and gagged captive, yanks her top and bra up and starts fondling and groping her lovely, creamy tits.

Then Sergio forces Chloe down onto her knees, hikes her miniskirt up and rips off her panties. Her ass and pussy are in perfect position to take his prize. He likes the way it looks with the tops of those sexy thigh-high stockings showing. Sergio gropes Chloe’s perfect ass, then finger fucks her shaved pussy for a bit. Now Sergio’s cock is hard and about to burst, so he shucks his pants and thrusts his bulging cock into poor Chloe’s unwilling pussy!

Here is helpless Chloe — bent tied over on the floor in her miniskirt and stockings, her hands securely roped behind her back, a cleave gag in her mouth and last but not least — a dick being plunged into her from behind, doggystyle! This is definitely not how Chloe expected this date to turn out! It’s not exactly what Sergio had in mind, either, but, hey, he actually finds this doggystyle bondage sex pretty fun. It’s not bad having a gagged chick, either; no conversation to interrupt his groove. Maybe he’ll keep Chloe tied up like this for a while for a repeat fucking or two…

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PKF Studios – Bring A Virgin

“Bring a Virgin”
Starring Jill Kassidy and Mary Jane

Aaron has a little trouble with the lady’s. They are all such fucking whores he cannot seem to find one good enough to still need a deflowering. A bit of a deviant, he knows just where to find one. He got the number for a morally shaky service off the deep web and gives them a call to request exactly what he needs. Being the sort of business they are his inclination is to be wary, but surely as he calls, they are already prepping the perfect girl.

In his bedroom, the product lays on the bed, bound by a slave’s ankle and wrist cuffs, a ball gag in her mouth and in pretty pink lingerie. The product has been packaged perfectly, just for him…And the sexy agent they sent with her isn’t bad either. But she is a virgin so she has to be taught.

Aaron tells the agent to show her how to give a proper blowjob and directs her perfect little face to his cock. She pushes saliva out from between her lips to get his cock wet and begins to give him a good sucking. Once the virgin slave seems to have a good grasp of things, he observes her skills on the agent’s strap on before putting her on his own cock.

She takes him in his mouth in full length, sucking him so perfectly, her slutty mouth glides along his shaft as she licks him like a porn star. His cock throbs in her mouth as his warm shaft parts her lips. Bending her over he decides its time for her deflowering. But as he pushes into her, the pained look in her eyes, the push back of an intact hymen, the tears that comes with the tearing of and over stretched vagina, the reaction he desires from an authentic virgin…are missing.

Pulling a gun, he knows he’s been had. he demands to know if she is a true virgin pointing the gun at the unsurprised looking agent. When she admits the truth and promises anything to save their lives, he forces the pair together. He makes the “virgin” spread her legs for the agent. The agent bends down and eats her pussy per the customers demands. She fingers her, thrusting her fingers into her wet whore cunt as he eats the agents pussy from behind. The pair are then forced to scissor, pressing their cunts together as he watches.

When the two, denigrated by this forced deed orgasm, he leaves them on the bed to stew. When he comes back however, he has a new plan. He wraps a nylon off her own leg around the deceptive agents neck. The virgin watches on in horror, ball gagged and unable to scream as the lying agent’s life is taken before her. Her legs flail as she meets her end, her body eventually slumping in her killers lap, legs spread, he fuck hole exposed.

In a dark basement, a noose hangs from the ceiling, the “virgin” on the end of it. The angered customer demands the little slut pleasure herself one last time before she dies. This makes him feel better about his awful deed. When she is near cumming, he kicks the stool out from under her and she dangles before him, her feet flicking like the tails of towing flags behind the truck he will use to dump the bodies…. but first he has one more use for these used up whores.

The dead woman on the rope hangs perfectly so his cock meets her cunt. He uses her as a pendulum to wipe his dick with her pussy, the frottage getting him hard. She is still wet from her near orgasm. Her pussy slides over his cock, but the his trophy hung from the rafters won’t do for a proper fuck hole. He takes her down and brings her back to the bedroom, laying the two girls out, ying and yang on the bed and pushes his cock deep into his purchased slut. He fucks her immobile body as her breasts roll like waves on her chest, like the waves of the ocean where he will dump her. His balls tighten as his load bursts from his cock and he collapses on top of her to share a final silent moment. 

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Virgin, Whores, Lingerie, Stockings, Ball Gagged, Cuffs, Slaves, Blowjob, Spit, Lesbian, Strap On, Dildo, Fucking, Guns, Peril, Terror, Forced Fingering, Forced Pussy Licking, Tribbing, Bound, Nylon Strangle, Gasping, Struggle, Death, Hanging, Forced Pussy Rubbing, Death, Frottage, Necro Sex, Internal, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

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PKF Studios – Unloved Nazi Girl

“Unloved Nazi Girl”
Starring Aubrey Sinclair

Private Aaron, a green beret has been captured by the Germans. One of his nazi captors comes in wearing her sexy skirt and nazi frock. She promises she is not the nazi that hurt him and that if only he makes love to her, as she is so lonely. He agrees to her conditions, who can pass up a sexy nazi?

He opens up her blouse and fondles her breasts running his hands down her as she swoons. He moves a hand to her pussy and rubs it, smearing her hot nazi juices across her cunt, making it perfectly wet for his cock. He pulls it out as he bends her over the cot that had been his bed for the last several years. He takes whats his pushing his cock as deep inside her as he can. But theres something else he wants to shove inside her…

Taking the dagger from her belt, he raises it and brings it down swiftly, piercing her stomach. She wretches in pain and shouts at him for wrecking her perfect nazi body. The two clash in combat as he withdraws the knife. Stabbing her again, he gets the drop on her and pulls out her ruger. He points it at her, forcing her to her knees. On all fours he fucks her some more, her winces of pain urging him on as he holds the gun on her.

When he cums deep inside her nazi pussy, he puts her against the wall. He loves hearing her plead for her life. He draws the gun and approaches her, her pleading mouth makes a perfect holster for her gun. He presses it to the back of her throat and letting her take only a moment for her to take in these last moments of her life, and pulls the trigger, blasting her brains out the back of her skull. Her limp body slides down the plank, blood spilling out of her mouth as the newly free soldier makes his escape.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Nazi Role Play, Shooting, Breast Fondling, Pussy Rubbing, Fucking, Doggystyle, Belly Stabbing, Head Shot, Death, Body Views, Foot Views. 

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PKF Studios – Bad For Business

“Bad For Business”
Starring Audrey Holiday & Verronica Kirei

Ms. Audrey Holiday is high-priced divorce lawyer who specializes in financially fucking over the former husbands of her female clients. We find her breaking in her latest assistant, Verronica. The poor girl looks overwhelmed with the workload and Audrey’s domineering attitude.

Suddenly, their minor professional drama turns into a horrific nightmare. Aaron stumbles into the office carrying a pistol. He is visibly drunk and Audrey recognizes him as the ex-husband of a recent client. He tells her that he’s here to get revenge for her ruining his life. The women can’t believe it and start crying out of panic.

Aaron makes an example of poor Verronica. He raises the barrel of his handgun and fires several shots into her lovely breast. She falls back in her ergonomic chair, her typing speed effectively reduced to zero words-per-minute. Audrey is frozen is a state of shock. She has no time to come to grips with what just happened, as she turns to find Aaron’s pants down and his large semi-hard cock dangling inches from her nose.

Aaron grabs the back of Audrey’s head and forced his dick into her prissy little mouth. She gags and tears up on his member as it thickens in her throat. Full size now, she can barely choke it down as drool drips onto her blouse. Aaron tosses her over the desk and pounds away at her tight pussy from behind.

Audrey cries out as Aaron grabs her and throws her to the sofa. She continues protesting and whining as he plows her missionary style, so he raises his gun and deposits a few pieces of hot lead between her perky tits. Dead silent now, Audrey stares lifelessly as Aaron ejects a torrent of jizz over her face. “You’ve just been served, bitch!”, Aaron cracks as he walks out.

 Fetish Elements: Partial Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Violence, Shooting, Belly Shot, Blood, Begging, Terror, Rape, Fucking, Foot Fucking, Pantyhose, High Heels, Flop, Multi-Shooting, Facial Cum Shot, Body Views, Nylon-Clad Foot Views. 

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PKF Studios – The Mule

“The Mule”
Starring Stella Cox

Stella and her sister did low level side jobs for a local drug syndicate. Just getting home from a Trans-Atlantic flight from Great Britain, the sexy air flight stewardess picks up her phone to answer a call from her mother. Her mother informs her that her sister has been missing. Worried but not wanting to panic she agrees to call her sister to check in after she gets some rest. 

As she winds down, a knock comes from the door. The man identifies himself as a friend of her sister’s, claiming he has something important for her. Being kind to the unsuspecting guest she let’s him in. Before she can offer the man a drink, he attacks her and drags her to the couch. The man violently forces her to suck his cock, first on her knees before pushing her on the floor to her back and skull fucking her face. She cries and begs for him to stop as he demands to know where his missing drugs are.

Not even nearly finished with her he drags her to the bedroom maniacally ripping off her clothes. He makes her get his cock wet before violently assaulting her unwilling pussy. Her sobs and groans go unnoticed by her attacker as he pumps his meat in and out of her. She begins to understand what happened to her sister and finally let’s the information go.

Begging for her life and to find her sister, the man promises her he will let her go if she gives him the best blowjob ever. Her best attempts prove fruitful… for him as he ejaculates all over her lying little whore mouth. However even pretty liars don’t go far in this business. Using her stockings he strangles her, as she slowly fades away, just as her sister.

Not one to let a good body go to waste, the man rolls her supple corpse on it’s side and fucks the now more, passive than unwilling hole. Flipping around he fingers her pussy as he rubs his cock on her cool cheek. He continues to fuck her before nutting all over her still belly. Too bad she implicated her mother….the man walks off to finish buttoning up the loose ends.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Forced BJ, Forced Sex, Rape Fantasy, Hair Pulling, Necro Sex, Crying, Whimpering, Sobbing, Pleading, Nylon Strangling, Cumshot, Clothes Ripping, Stockings, High Heels, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.. 

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