Hardcore Abductions #188 Katie

Pretty blonde is already tied up and ready on the bed, when a fat man walks in and rapes her.

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Cruel World – Jogging

Every morning she jogged on the outskirts
of the old city Park.

Former marine.
He was a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
But the money for medicine
in the state budget is always not enough.
Therefore, his treatment was purely formal.
He was able to get a job only as a watchman at the warehouse of a local photo Studio….

One day their destinies crossed…
He kidnapped her, raped her, tortured her with a rope,
then hung her and then raped her corpse.

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Crime House – Captives

Group of young female  researchers were captured and caught but soldiers in secret area. Soldiers must deliver hostages to military management for evacuation from the Zone, but they decided to commit military crime and shoot them like homeless dogs! They deliver them to the base and…

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